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    For my scale plane Robin DR400/180 Remo (3,7m, 35kg) I use the PB Competition as it can supply all 11-servos installed.

    What happens when one of the 2x20A regulated controllers fail?

    a) the non failed take over the supply to all outputs?

    b) the controllers are fixed assigned to outputs and some outputs will not be supplied further?

    I am expecting case a) but thought I better ask.

    In case of b) please list which outputs are assigned to which controller - as than I need to think about which servos I connect at which output.

    Best regards


    NB-1: The Firmware v01 I have chosen is not the installed one. I cannot check the version now, as I am 10.000km away from the plane but needed to enter some.

    NB-2: At an older comment of mine I saw that I entered V15.


    Today I received my first PowerBox ... the Competition model.
    I started with the setup and when asked to enter the battery capacity I was not sure if I should enter the capacity of one battery or add the capacity of both batteries connected to the Competition.

    I use a 3.300mAh battery at each of the two battery input connectors and expect to enter as battery capacity at the setup the sum = 6.600mAh.

    Am I right?

    Regards from Graz, Volker

    Hello Richard,

    I understand your concern about discharges and interfearances from the ignition system. I guess those can be identified and a clever filtering added to a power output for an ignition switch can solve your concerns. It would be a great feature to have a power output for the ignition included in the the powerboxes.

    Think about it with your clever R&D engineers.

    Looking forward Powerbox Systems can add such feature in the future.

    Kind regards from Graz