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    not sure if the NX servos understand S.BUS... from my knowledge JR uses it´s own Bus protocoll

    Yes, whatever the Xbus protocol is. I'm just trying to be sure there would be no conflicts or signal loss with the PowerBus converters. I like them and want to continue to use them since I discovered a way to make a patch lead from the JR hub to the PowerBus converters. Your thoughts?

    OK. That's good! Do you foresee or know of any issue with using the PowerBus converter with the XB1 or XB2 Power hubs? I am able to replace one end of the PowerBus extension cable with a Deans connector for the power leads and a regular servo wire connector for the signal wire. With this wire adapter and your PowerBus converter, the NX servos seam to be working fine. Of course I am unable to program the servos through this circuit but I am just concerned with reliable function and your fused circuit protection.


    maybe later - once our P²-BUS is on the market.

    If you want a real save Bus system which is also reliable use a PowerBox Royal or Champion and use the PowerBus parts with fused outputs. The JR Bus was just a try to realize a bus system but as you can see simply on the wiring they offer - it´s just a try!

    Hi Richard.

    Can you provide more info on the coming P2-Bus system? Also, please explain the "fused outputs" for safety? Are they the PowerBus adapters, the PWM adapters, or both?

    Thank you


    Ok. are there any plans for a by-directional PowerBus adapter for X-bus?


    Is there a PowerBus converter on the way that will link PowerBus to Xbus servos? There is the PowerBus to PWM and a PowerBus to S-bus available now. Is there one in the works for Xbus or will we only be able to drive Xbus servos as PWM.