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    Hi guys,

    I've got a strange one on the Powerbox Royal I've got installed in my Redwing Leonardo.

    Whilst doing final set-ups on the gyro today we came across an issue where the ailerons were correcting the pitch and the elevators were correcting the roll?. (Ailerons acting like Elevators and Elevators acting like ailerons). This is only with the correction, The inputs are correct when you move the stick.

    We've also noticed this is causing an issue with the orientation set-up where the gyro won't register that the model is tilting until you roll the model rather than pitching it.

    All the assignments are correct and all surfaces are acting correctly until the gyro is turned on.

    The Royal is mounted across the fuse (90 degrees to the nose of the model).



    P.S Ignore the Signal Controller version, I wasn't able to get this number whilst I was at my workshop. All other information is correct.

    Hi Guys,

    About to take delivery of the new Sparkswitch Pro which I'm planning on using with a Gp123. I'd like to use the telemetry to check my RPM but upon looking at the GP manual it's states not to use the supplied "Tacho" lead as it may cause malfunction?.

    Can anyone advise me if it's ok to plug the Tacho Lead into the RPM sensor from the SparkSwitch Pro?.