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    Hello Rich, I received the switch from Daniel Diaz. He suggested another post asking how to connect the switch to the powerbox unit. I'm enclosing a couple of pics of the unit and the switch. Unit has two batt. ports and the switch has a batt. lead. Two red/blue leads from the switch, one goes to the unit's two pin connector? What is the polarity of the connection point? Pos. or Neg towards the servo ports? Also if I use two batts plugged into the unit, do I ignore the batt. lead on the switch? Instructions that came with the switch do not explain how to connect it to the powerbox unit, only to a receiver. I need your help here on how to connect the switch to the powerbox unit.


    I need to buy one. from the link you sent me the order part # is 6210. Should I contact the Florida location and have them order one for me.??

    Or should I order from the link you gave me and at check out the conversion to US $'s will be calculated.

    Hello, I recently picked up a Powerbox 40/16 Expert unit. I realize it is and earlier model however it works I was told. It did not come with a switch.

    The switch connection is a 2-pin connection. Can I purchase a switch for this unit from Powerbox . Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also what is the polarity of the two connection pins, if any.


    Brian B.