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    Hi , I have 3 evolutions on use and never had a problem before , but now I have one that just bought on august has a strange trouble. after couple seconds I switched on both sides , right side both lights coming on , yellow,orange,red consistent and left side green light on also red light blinks , sometimes only green not red but mostly red light blinks too.

    thing I m using input 7.4v batteries output is 7.3 now , I switch batteries right and left still lights on powerbox didn't change , today I changed other batteries still same,

    when I was flying during august and September I didn't have this problem, my last flight on end of November while temperature 12 it happened and today was 5-6 celcius it happened too ,while it is like this I did 3 flights and still did well.. today I back home and at home powerbox is normal , only green light no other lights on ,last time was same too I back home and tried everything was normal too.

    is it anything related with cold ?