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    I received the powerbox. Did the setup and unfortunately with the same issue. Now I have the flaps servo on different channels and mixed it with the transmitter. Had the same issue of an offset servo position after power up the powerbox again. I changed the servo framerate to 12ms and changed output voltage to 7.4v. After power up the powerbox and wait for about 30 sec to "warm up" everything, the sevo position is getting spot on. So I think this solves the problem quite a bit. Maybe the servo's need some sort of warm up to get the output position right as programmed.

    Anyway, I am very happy with the powerbox and especially the service I got with checking the powerbox after I sended to you! Makes a happy customer!

    that would be nice to double check, where do i need to send it to and do I only send the powerbox or the complete package. Leads and switch as well?

    does the powerbox framerate has anything to do with it? It is set at 18ms and the rx is set in the fasstest mode, i dont know if that is normal or high speed.


    I tried to connect the flaps directly to the receiver. There is no offset, I tried a couple of times. The servo jitter is also gone. The servo jitter via the powerbox is really small but it is there. I also tried to connect the flaps via channel D1 and 8 via the powerbox, the results were the same with offset. Are my servo's compatible with the powerbox?

    I have got 8 servo's, but I cant connect them all directly to the receiver because of the current.

    somehow it works, did a new setup with the powerbox and the servo is sometimes little bit offset but after 30-60 sec waiting, they are all lined up correctly.

    yes, the master is connected to the D-1 channel and slave flap to D-2. It is very strange because most of the time the slave will move a couple of mm off after power down and power up. Sometimes but it is really rare, the master will be off just a mm.


    I have a jet powered with the professional. Use 7 mks 737 servo's. The problem I have is every time I power up the powerbox the servo's have a small disposition. Especially the flaps, they use 1 servo for each flap. I did a firmware check and it is V3. Did the complete process to setup mechanically and transmitter for the master servo and init the slave in the centre position followed by the endpoints. After setup everything is allright. After power cycle I have different positions of the servo's. Most of the time it is the slave servo. What can I do?

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