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    Well, this latest patch of Android system is not working properly with old BlueCom labeled as Android.

    I have proposal, but Richard Deutsch must agree. We are together with vendor working on version, which will accept old BlueCom for Android 10/11 and maybe for 12. Old BlueCom is using old chip for standard Bluetooth. New version is using BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy.

    I can replace your Android BlueCom with BLE Version - the new version which is working with all new Android's. I will send you new BlueCom and you will send me the old one. I have two pieces of the old BlueCom but it will be great to have another one for testing. Always testing with not one unit!

    We will wait for Richard's response.

    Good evening,

    if you have Android system, then please choose Rescue mode in the menu. If possible, may I ask you how finished the update? Seems it was interrupted, but that you should seen on the mobile device.

    Old BlueCom funktioniert leider nicht richtig mit dem neuesten Android. Wir arbeiten jedoch an einer Möglichkeit, es auf Android 10 und 11 zu verwenden, sind uns jedoch nicht sicher, ob dies mit Android 12 möglich ist. Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten, neue BlueCom zu kaufen oder ca. eine Woche auf die neue Version der App zu warten. Aber für die Zukunft würde ich das neue BlueCom empfehlen.




    if you pressed update again, you also pressed to OK button again. But it is not fatal problem :-) use Rescue mode. If you using iOS, then long press to 3xtra icon, if Android, go to menu, choose Rescue.



    Hello Marc,

    iOS version, yes, Rescue is working always and safely. But the connection should work normally, disconnect all and connect again, switch to pc-control and connect.

    Must work.

    have a nice evening


    Hello Marc,

    please what App you used for the update? There are two versions iOS and Android, iOS is new version Android is waiting for the release.

    Let me know what version, and we will fix it :-)

    I'm almost sure that it is Android.



    generally, the right FS setup is absolutely needed, but in some cases it is not comfortable, in case of turbine, when FS is set up on turbine down - loss connection - then when is pilot moving with model and accidentally the transmitter is so close to jet, then turbine will suddenly shut down. In case of combustion engine it is not so problem, then pilot is restarting engine in seconds, but in case of turbine it is really not within seconds.



    New version is available now.

    Based on your comment, you can be disappointed also in case when the weather will be not acceptable for flying. Each one release of new version can be available almost immediately, but also with big delay. That is not able to cover! It's totally controlled by Apple or Google in case of Android Apps.

    I’m not sure what the issue is as ordinarily the Bluecom is a great bit if kit as is all PB goods. My concern is that the isat simply won’t update! And with all due respect you can tell me it works fine your side but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I have always managed to find ways to get things to work as I’m a test engineer by trade and have used PB products for many years mostly without any issues at all particularly around updates. Richard may remember the RPM sensor issue with DA-70 (for me anyway) which was a definite issue!

    I’m just finding it most unusual that the update is not starting - none of the update process for PB products is difficult.

    Like I said I’ll try and borrow a USB cable and see if that works first.

    If something is technically not possible, you can't get managed nothing, that's fact!

    But, after couple of days, big discussion with producer of BlueCom chip - old BlueCom version, seems we got solution :-)

    Give us couple of days, and we will release new version, where will be possible also fast ping of initial packet. They are sure that it should be work, but bluetooth will be switched to special mode and after update will be switched back.

    We will inform you when we releasing the special version :-)

    I'm really so sorry, but we can't do nothing. Several times per year happened that release is waiting, not only for us, thousands of distributors :-(

    But often happened that the availability is next day, but not this case. We have to wait.

    only for your info, comments on developers forum:

    "Same here, 2 apps are waiting for review for 4 and 3 weeks. Before this, one of them was in review about week and nothing so I resubmitted it. 3 weeks it just wainting for review.

    Support don't respond anithing about it, just: "keep waiting""