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    yes, indeed, Bob is right. In case of digital servos MKS and Pilot-RC always using one 2200uF/10V for each one servo. I do not know if that will solve all possible issues, but servo jitter gone, stability increased.


    Nach dem ich den defekten BlueCom getauscht bekam beim Händler, verbindet der neue jetzt, aber ick kann das Symbol der Box antippen so oft wie ich will, nix passiert, was kann noch tun ?


    und warum versuchen Sie nicht den Rettungsmodus? Wenn BlueCom defekt war, ist Ihr Gerät beschädigt, daher ist es gut, den Rescue-Modus zu verwenden.

    Not sure what mobile phone you used, in old version it is important, because the history of Android, in the last 2 years is really important, from Android version. 9.0 where started all Android issues, up to current version 11.

    Please wait for the new version 4.0, where we solving issues directly with Google. Lot of peoples have old Android BlueCom, which is really to hard start with Android 10 on some phones, and we have to resolve it, to be able, that users will be able to use old and new BlueCOM without problems.

    Some people are sure, that it is not problem, it is so easy, but unfortunately it is problem, it is not so easy, but we are on it, and having success.

    Thanks all for the patience :-)

    Hello, in your case I would say that BlueCom is defective! All two types of iOS BlueCom are working normally with all PowerBox devices. Absolutely the first version labeled iOS, then second version labeled as BlueCom without operating system label.

    I'm almost sure, that BlueCom is not working properly, and I have couple of BlueComs, whose are not working properly, can happen, it's only electronics.

    Several users sent me their BlueCom units, faced almost the same issue as you, and after testing I found that are broken.


    partially great news, Apple iOS 15 issue resolved, the graphics is really nice in iOS 15, Android still fixing, waiting for Google response, still having some small problems in BLE drivers in Android, but solving, solving ... :-)


    Hello Werner,

    I mentioned in other thread, that now fixing Apple and Google findings in Apps. We sent PowerBox units to Apple and Google support teams and they testing as well, not only we :-)

    I will inform you in this thread about the real deadline. When we putting information's in other threads, it's not clear.




    as was mentioned, we sent both Apps, new versions 4.0, with PowerBox units for testing directly by support teams of vendors Apple and Google.

    Yesterday and today we received responses :-)

    We have to fix small issues in Android App, for Google Pixel and Samsung phones, and in case of iPhone, we have to fix GUI for incoming iPhone 13.

    Need couple of days for developing, and back to vendors :-) Expocting max two another weeks of waiting. After that we will release brand new versions 4.0 with stable communication for each phones! In case of Android it was not so easy, mainly for the old BlueCom, but all is resolved.

    When released, then will announce immediately! Looking forward for your feedback!

    Have a great day for all



    Really not sure where is the problem on your side, update is working properly, I asked plenty of users if issues/problems, yes, some guys reported that update was interrupted and they rescued unit, but nobody reported killed unit :-(

    Anyway, as I mentioned month ago, we are working on new version 4.0, absolutely new update method for all units, and faster communication. Now we sent samples to Google and Apple, and waiting for their testing results.

    Please check if BlueCom is connected properly, often users connecting BlueCom not properly, signal wire to ground and ground to signal. Also in that case you can see Blue icon, unfortunately BlueCom is powered on but not communicate.

    I do not know, from where you downloaded Mobile Terminal, but both versions, iOS and Android are versioned as 3.44 !!!!! not 3.2.3, that's app old more than 2 years !!!

    Please download always Apps from Google store or Apple store.




    as I mentioned in another thread, release of both new version is planned to middle of September, we very precisely testing all cases and mainly in case of Android all Samsung phones where was issue with old BlueCom.

    Not only one tester is working on it and so far results are very good. Apps are faster and much more reliable in case of interrupted connection, where in case of old boot loader units was the boot loader destroyed.

    Also Apps are signing as version 4.

    Immediately, when will be available, I will inform you.


    Hi Jyrki,

    when I have seen your post, that it is Android, then maybe the problem is in the version, if you're using old Android BlueCom and Android 11/12, then can happens, that the unit is not recognised. We are really hardly working on the update of Android App, to resolve this versioning problem. We announced the version to be available at middle of September. But, of course, the problem can be also other.

    Let me know how you resolved that.


    Put BlueCom into Tele port and battery into RX port and you will be sure that the connection is correct, of course check if the signal wire is up, on the appropriate pin :-)

    Then power up spark switch and try connect app, normally should be connected after 10 seconds.