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    for explanation, you responded yesterday, in meantime there is plenty of other posts. I can't remember if you attached some video or not, sorry :-) Therefore asking for the details. As I mentioned, I did again fullest for you, based on your latest specification (on this page Dec 21).

    All is working for me. If something is not working on your side, I need details. In other case I'm unable to advice you.

    Have a nice day :-)



    Hi Ulrich,

    if Update - does not matter stuck from some reason, lost communication, phone problem or something else, 1000 existing and possible reasons in case of mobile communication - then please do not wait 3 hours, if after 2 minutes is not changing the progress bar, then disconnect and start again in Rescue mode. If adapter lost communication or some errored communication, then really makes no sense waiting.

    Simple disconnect all, connect and start rescue. And Rescue mode is working in 100% for devices with new boot loader.

    have a nice day


    best way is finish one problem and open next one. What about the SparkSwitch PRO? Update was successful or not? Honestly, I think that you are using wrong setup in windows, maybe reinstallation from the scratch, correct installation, because installer always install correct drivers. Going slowly, at the end it will be faster.

    it means, that update was successful, but SparkSwitch is not switching, LED is not lighting, correct? Then please connect the LED in opposite way :-) In some cases may happens, that polarity is toggled.


    In the 1st photo you can see information No USB cable detected, therefore the layout of SparkSwitch is a demo layout. You need to make USB adapter active.

    I'm not sure how you installed the Terminal, but seems, that no drivers there or USB adapter is defective :-) Only two cases. Therefore 1st of all, try install drivers manually please. Here is link to drivers…o-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers

    Be sure, that you will choose the right drive accordingly to Windows version!


    unable to open link

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    Die angeforderte URL wurde auf diesem Server nicht gefunden. Mehr Informationen liegen uns nicht vor.

    Then install Windows Terminal, connect 2cell battery to SparkSwitch PRO port RX, connect USB adapter to Sparkswitch port Tele, and choose SparkSwitch PRO in category accessories.

    Thats all

    hm, strange, really strange, because iOS App was tested directly with Apple support team for unexpected close, and all is working properly, and second, I do not have log entry from the crash in the monitoring system.

    Please uninstall the App and install it again. That's recommended by Apple.

    Please let me know if after the new install it is working.

    Many thanks!



    EDIT: We again checked crashes in monitor. Each one crash is logged, with all details. Can't see any crash fro GPS II device. For previous 5 weeks we registering two crashes, and both were analysed and solved.

    It means, that something went wrong in iOS, not in the App. As I recommended, please remove the App and install again from Apple store.