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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks! I checked and the Savox digital HV servos can run up to 333Hz = 3ms, so setting the receiver and Powerbox Competition to 9ms (high speed mode) will work just fine. :)

    Hello Richard,

    I am joining the thread with a similar question.

    My receiver is FrSky D8R-II plus w. Telemetry and it has 2 modes: i)18ms (FS-Normal Speed Mode) and ii) 9ms (HS-High Speed Mode). I am using everywhere HV servos by Savox (SV-1270TG x 6 and SB-2230SG x 1), which are high-speed digital servos. I have set the PowerBox Competition to 9ms refresh rate and the receiver is also at 9ms.

    1. Is this an optimal setup or what would you recommend in this case?

    2. What determines at which frame rate servos can operate and what would be the difference if one was to run the entire setup at 18ms?


    Hi Alex,

    I also noticed the same pattern. Had to charge them in 2 cycles as the first time the charging lamp just went from red to off. I was charging them with 250mA per hour. Does that mean that it is not possible to charge the batteries on 1 go? Does the system only allow for a continuous charging period of a couple of hours? Thanks!

    Dear colleagues,

    I have a a PowerBox competition and currently I am servo-matching my elevator setup where I have 1 servo per elevator. I want to have them on 1 channel and so this requires matching both servos and also reversing one of them. However, when I open the servo matching menu in the backer I do not have the "initialize" and "reverse" options as shown in the manual. I only have "servo choice" and the different offset positions (L, M and R). on the display.

    Can you please help how can I carry out the setup correctly? Am I using an old version of the software or? If so, what type of cable do I need to connect the backer to my PC? I could not understand this from the PowerBox terminal manual. When I start up the PowerBox the bottom right corner is empty and does not report the software version.

    Thanks a lot for your help!