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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks - I am not fully sure that I completely understand. So you are saying that:

    - The single cable of the Y harness should go into the SBUS2 into the receiver

    - The first of the two Y harness cables should be connected to the PowerBox teleconverter and then into the PowerBox unit

    - The second of the Y harness cables should be connected to the SBS-02G telemetry sensor?

    Does that sound correct? Not experienced with setting it up in that way, but appreciate if you could please help with some more details.

    When I read in the Teleconverter manual it says:

    If configured as PowerBox sensor, the following data can be transmitted:- Battery voltage, battery 1 and battery 2- Residual capacity, battery 1 and battery 2- Number of Fades, RX1 and RX2- Number of Lost Frames- Number of Fail-Safe events.

    Hence, would I be able to also receive GPS (e.g. Altitude, Speed and Distance) data as well in this setup?

    Note that I have this model of Powerbox Competition:

    PowerBox Competition w/ Sensor Switch (OLED Version)

    Dear all,

    I have a Futaba 18MZ World Champion transmitter using for my Edge 540, 2.7m. I am using a Powerbox Competition (a couple of years old) with the latest software update and to it I have linked a Futaba R7014 14 channel HV receiver. In addition, I have a Futaba SBS-02G telemetry unit, which is correctly plugged to the SBUS2 as per the instructions. However, the telemetry does not really work and I get very weird readings

    1. Does anybody have an idea how to link ensure the PowerBox competition works with the telemetry unit. I am looking to get displayed: Altitude, Speed and Distance.

    2. Are there any compatibility issues between Powerbox and the SBS-02G?

    Thanks - any help and advice will be greatly appreciated! :):):)


    Hey friends!

    I have a PowerBox Competition model, powered by 2 x 2,500 mah Li-Ion Powerbox batteries. I have decided to reduce the number of batteries in the entire plane and so I am feeding the DLE ignition module from the PowerBox (used an open input port). In addition, I have an Rcexl Optic Kill Switch, as I have set up a switch on the TX to kill the ignition. I believe this setup should take care against any RF noise or issues.

    Previously, I had a separate 2,000 mah 7.4v Li-Po for the ignition alone, but now I am using the power from the 2 x 2,500mah through the Powerbox that are also feeding the receiver and the servos. My question is:

    1. Is this setup fine?

    2. Are there any possible issues with regards to the security of the system, e.g. RF noise, etc. given that I have already an Optic Kill switch?

    3. Does it matter if the cable for ignition power is plugged into an output or input slot of the Powerbox?

    The plan is an Edge 540, 2.6m in wingspan. To my knowledge the electronic ignition consumes around 1 Amp/hour, which probably means that with the new setup I will be able to fly 1 round less.

    Thanks a lot for your help. :):):)

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks! I checked and the Savox digital HV servos can run up to 333Hz = 3ms, so setting the receiver and Powerbox Competition to 9ms (high speed mode) will work just fine. :)

    Hello Richard,

    I am joining the thread with a similar question.

    My receiver is FrSky D8R-II plus w. Telemetry and it has 2 modes: i)18ms (FS-Normal Speed Mode) and ii) 9ms (HS-High Speed Mode). I am using everywhere HV servos by Savox (SV-1270TG x 6 and SB-2230SG x 1), which are high-speed digital servos. I have set the PowerBox Competition to 9ms refresh rate and the receiver is also at 9ms.

    1. Is this an optimal setup or what would you recommend in this case?

    2. What determines at which frame rate servos can operate and what would be the difference if one was to run the entire setup at 18ms?


    Hi Alex,

    I also noticed the same pattern. Had to charge them in 2 cycles as the first time the charging lamp just went from red to off. I was charging them with 250mA per hour. Does that mean that it is not possible to charge the batteries on 1 go? Does the system only allow for a continuous charging period of a couple of hours? Thanks!

    Dear colleagues,

    I have a a PowerBox competition and currently I am servo-matching my elevator setup where I have 1 servo per elevator. I want to have them on 1 channel and so this requires matching both servos and also reversing one of them. However, when I open the servo matching menu in the backer I do not have the "initialize" and "reverse" options as shown in the manual. I only have "servo choice" and the different offset positions (L, M and R). on the display.

    Can you please help how can I carry out the setup correctly? Am I using an old version of the software or? If so, what type of cable do I need to connect the backer to my PC? I could not understand this from the PowerBox terminal manual. When I start up the PowerBox the bottom right corner is empty and does not report the software version.

    Thanks a lot for your help!