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    I will give it a try in PWM mode and let you know. I will be using a SRS cockpit. Is it better to use the failsafe on PB or my 18sz for the Sparkswitch and the other channels?

    Thanks Richard.

    Instead of creating a new post I thought I would ask here. It is similar to the original post.

    I have a 18sz. Sparkswitch pro has been set up for channel 10. I have connected it to the sbus 2 port. I can receive telemetry and have set the switch to 0 — -100. I have set the fail safe up on tx to turn the sparkswitch light off. To test this I put the ignition on and then switched my transmitter off.

    Unfortunately the ignition light stayed illuminated. Must i connect the sparkswitch pro via PWM instead of sbus2 for the fail safe to work?