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    I am using dual redundancy receivers dual redundancy batteries. I find it hard to think the radio is the problem. Also the powerbox smells abit like burnt electrics

    Hi all. I’ve lost confidence in my gear. Suspect powerbox shutdown/lockout. I have recently lost a rather expensive model due to failiure of suspected powerbox mercury srs . I am running dual redundancy on batteries and receivers r7008sb receivers and options power packs. Whole flight was fine but on landing approach it locked out and hit the floor with a thud. I am using savox sb2290 servos. Is the amp draw from the servos the possible problem ?

    You won’t beleive this. I’ve removed the power box to send to you and found a pin for the screen had been bent out of the way. I’ve now straightened the pin and tested. All working again. No malfunction or flickering.

    Hi all. I’ve had my Mercury for about 12 months. No problems. Went out to the field today and a message pops up on the screen saying regulator malfunction. I’ve tried different batteries different switch but still showing the same message. Also the screen is blinking constantly. Any help on the subject is much appreciated.