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    Hello, I only am getting power to my servos from my left battery input. If I unplug my left battery, or turn it off with the switch, but have the right on, I get no power to the servos. I remember possibly plugging in my battery with reverse polarity once in error, and I also read that will ruin the regulator. I did not panic initially, since I'm running A123 at 6.6V and don't need the regulator, however when testing I realized I'm not getting any power at all from that battery to my servos. Does that make sense, and can I send to Powerbox USA for repair? Will the repair keep my programming intact, or would I have to re-program?


    I'm flying a mercury with a GPS on a 35% Extra and have increased my gain up to 60% now in 10% increments and have no Oscillation so far. On my planes where I'm using a 3e Gyro, with no GPS, I can only set gain to around 25% and I start to oscillate, so I can say that if I am comparing apples to apples it seems the GPS really works and is allowing me to greatly increase the gyro gain by using the GPS II

    I have two smokepumps, a newer version 4 and also an older one that says 2010 on it. I use Futaba 18SZ. On the newer one, I was able to establish a throttle to smoke mix and vary the smoke accordingly and it works well. I have tried the exact same setup in my radio on the older one and I'm getting a different result. On the older one, once the pump turns on it goes full speed, and doesn't vary with my throttle. I have validated on the servo monitor on my radio that the signal to the pump should slow it down as the throttle stick is reduced, but it seems to keep running very very fast regardless of the signal input from the radio. In short, the pump works, but its full speed or nothing, I can't seem to get it to run at reasonable speed, which only needs to be around 10-20%.