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    Have sent this but with pictures via messenger

    Going to send Core back to you to finally get voice / sound repaired as this slowly gets worse the longer Tx is switched on for.

    My question is about customs that obviously I need to fill in correctly here in the UK before sending.

    1. Your VAT number (not sure if I have correct)

    2. Your EORI number

    3. HS Tariff code for the core sender (most end up as tv remote 🙄)

    Thanks if you can help

    Alan Cooke


    Guys keep going on about the sound quality with the vario talking etc but the original problem with the quality of the voice (nothing to do with volume or vario) still exists ...

    For example volume at 50% and 'gear up' gear down 'as a spoken message I can guarantee after 1-1.5hrs the spoken quality deteriorates noticeably but as soon as you shut down Tx and restart it spoken voice quality is back but leave it 1-1.5 or more hours, quality dips again and after another restart quality back again …… done this many times and this was the original problem that others were reporting even before vario etc

    I am not say guys are not having issues with vario and voice etc just that I still have the original fault


    Richard, this is exactly the voice problem that I still have with mine if I leave on for long time example approx 1hour plus etc the voice deteriorates, as soon as you restart Core the voice immediately clear again. Not a problem flying petrol/jets but now use on gliders etc


    Well both models I was using have been in the Tx a long time and for it to freeze and then to have to reset it and have return to its previous model surly is down to data crash/lock? Like I said not good as I was about to fly and would have lost timer. Never had this on previous software versions apart from last but one version when it locked and then I lost all stored models. Obviously something is going on as l thought about guys reports about screens freezing recently ‘well I haven’t had that happen to me since loosing models’ well I have now!

    Dealer where I brought my Core also witnessed this as he was at the airfield yesterday.

    Like 5onic this was after a model change…..

    Also I do not use fast start


    Richard, I had my Tx screen freeze today. I had changed models to one of my jets and Tx had been on this model for around 5>6 min when I suddenly noticed my voice alerts had stopped working then I realised the screen had frozen. All controls were still functioning but I did not fly as did not like loosing flight timer etc for turbine.

    Also after turning off to try and reset, the Tx re-booted but not with the correct model, the Tx booted to my previous flown model!

    Tx on V2.55


    What do You mean with "holding the trim and Centering"?

    Think he means like Graupner did, on my MX22 and 24 Tx if I hold the digital trim it remembers central position or where you set it to and jumps back etc


    Yes this was what I was thinking as well, looks like the Tx will be on vacation to you 😉 I will inform the owner to fill paperwork and send back to you?

    Thanks for looking at file


    Richard ok

    Received file, please be aware after setting elevator servo travels to 100% etc he has moved them back to 50/-50 etc which you can observe in the file but the problem is still apparent at these settings. The easiest way to see problem is with servo connected to Rx hold full down elevator and slowly move towards centre and you can observe dead band (actual physical stick movement between 100% > 85% is dead band etc)





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