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    hi Richard I understood the servos didn't move when the sticks were moved but only the one's going through the giro were effected.

    Hi Richatd is this fact or fiction,

    A member witnessed a successful jet flight, the 2nd flight the pilot left the jet running at the end of the runway for a while and aborted the take off because of alleged non responsive elevator rudder and aileron, another member witnessed this and said in helicopters he's seen the same thing as sometimes the giro had stopped working if it was left without inputs for a while, I've never witnessed this at the field or on the bench, my question is, is this a fact and if so is there any explanation why.

    Regards John

    Hi all,

    As usual I'm pleased with the efficiency of the powerbox team.

    I returned my core for a M-link antenna to be installed, I was notified by Julia it had arrived and the work was completed and it had been dispatched along with the tracking number, this is a same day turnaround ?wow very impressed.

    Richard and team need to develop a covid vaccine it would be ready to go next week lol!!!

    Stay safe & kind regards

    There is nothing obvious touching on the spring Richard, like I said it doesn't have any effect on my flying so I'm happy to leave it for a while maybe it will go away, if not you could have a look when I return it for you to install the M-link antenna sometime in the future. Have you been able make progress with mpx to retrofit yet.

    Kind regards John

    Hi Richard my left hand stick spring ( elevator) clicks around the center. I've looked inside and it appears fine the tension is around 50% and I have adjusted it up and down slightly but it still does it, is there anything I can do to rectify it. When flying it doesn bother me but it would be nice to stop the ping.

    Kind regards John

    I also was multiplex with both Profi and Sx why would anyone want to try and transfer files ?. core is so quick and easy to set up I've not had any problems in fact most mixing etc has been so easy to do I've almost forgotten how to do it mpx way lol!!? power to PB and core ?

    Does this apply to existing core owners wanting a M-link antenna retrofitted,

    We need to go through multiplex before returning our core?.

    Regards John

    Could you advise please,

    if using the new pioneer unit with a radio other than core can the I giro sat be used and the gain etc be adjusted in flight.

    Regards John