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    I changed alarm settings on page 1 and now I can swap on page 2 and remain on it. Probably I set in a bad way alarms.

    The actual situation is the one you can see on photos. The only doubt is that I see red triangles on widgets, mmmmh, but I don' t have values in a situation of alarm.

    Hallo Richard, you can find enclosed page one and two. As soon as I turn the model on it is impossible to stay on page two, the screen immediatly swap on page one. How can I show you the video? It is 24mb, too big for the forum. Thank you Torsten for advise, I' ll check about active alarms on page one.

    And so? If I need to fly having telemetry parameters on page 2 to be seen what I have to do? For example, I do so on my Quintus glider, I fly with 2nd page active, where I have altimeter, vario meter, speed. And, if I need to see 1st page for radio, Rx and batteries I can swap using <>. Idon' t understand why it doesn' t work on this other model. Thanks again for help.

    Hallo, I have set on page 1 telemetry data about radio, Rx and batteries status, on page 2 rpm and temperature of four cylinders. As soon as I turn the model on and the Core find all the sensors, screen immediately swap to page one. It is impossible to swap on page 2.

    Hallo Richard, I need your support.

    On my SU31 model I have 4 powerbox to pwm adapter, they worked well till yesterday.

    I was ready to take off, I checked all moving parts as usual, right elevator didn' t work right. I found that servo 1 (I have 4 Hitec D980TW servos for elevator) didn' t work. The servo is ok, because I tested it bypassing Powerbus adapter. The problem in my opinion is in port one.

    I did a test connecting 5 servos to that door, 3 worked right and 2 didn' t work. So strange. What is the problem? I bought Powerbus adapters about 3 years ago, I remember you changed me 2 of them because they where defective, it was impossible to program rhem,there was defective switch.

    Hallo Rainer and Richard, yesterday I checked Rainer' s solution using 2 servos instead ECU of turbines.

    It seems to work right ;-). I used rotary knobs for engine cut off. I' ll test this solution with turbines I hope soon. Thank you.

    Hallo Richard, I' m a begginner with Powerbox Core radio. I' m trying to set up separate start of turbines on my SU-30 Sky master jets.

    At the moment I set cut off in a 3 position switch: first position turbine left works, turbine right in standby, second position turbine left in stand by and turbine right works, third position both work. Turbines are on channel 3, left one, and channel 9, right one; Both are moved by throttle stick.

    To begin turbine start process I need to increase 30% trim. At this point I don' t know how to go on programming the radio.

    Please can you explain how to proceed? I think this task is interesting for many Core users. Thanks.

    Ok, thanks TK.

    Anyway, can you explain me how to manage in flight modes? I saw the video tutorial but I can' t make work.

    And if you know how to separate turbines start, it should be great.

    Thank you again.

    Hi Tk7, in take off position I' d like to create 2 flight modes: first one is for starting only left turbine, second one for right turbine. Third swich will be to make both turbines work; and this must be valid also for flight and landing mode.

    Now for me it is usefull to understand how to activate flight modes only when I' m in a particular flight mode.

    I mean: I am in flight mode 2, and only in this flight mode I' d like to activate also condition A and B.

    Don' t try at the moment to explain how to start separately the 2 turbines. I' ll ask it in another thread, otherwise I' understand nothing. Thanks for help.

    Hallo, I set up 3 flight modes on my model: flight, landing and take off. I use switch "K" to switch from a flight condition to another.

    I need, only when "take off" mode is activated, the possiblility to activate other 2 flight conditions using another switch.

    The answer is: CORE TUTORIAL SERIES VIDEO 7, I watched it many times but I don' t manage to obtain what I need. Please help.

    I need to set 3 alarms on my engine timer for my glider. I have total timer 2m 30s countdown. I need an alarm every 40s, one at 1m50s, one at 1m10s and last one at 20s. I created 4 timers and set each alarm. But something was wrong, no alarms sound.

    Hi Richard, still not working.

    I updated Royal SRS to V25.10 firmware and I set S Bus Rx system (P2Bus / S Bus is not present in the menu).

    The 2 receivers PBR-26D are set in S Bus. I connected Receivers using FastTrack port to Rx1 and Rx 2 on Royal SRS, and I connected P2Bus port of one receiver to Tele port of Royal SRS, like you told me in the link you gave me (see photo).

    But on the radio I can see only telemetry of the 2 receivers and obviously Core data.

    Hallo Richard, today I did firmware update for Royal SRS and GPS II. I have to riformulate the question, I did a mistake at the beginning of conversation. I asked: why I don' t see GPS on Core radio? But the problem is that I don' t see Royal SRS!!! So, I have 2 receivers PBR-26D connected from P2BUS port to Rx1 and Rx2 on Royal. Servos and receivers work right, also telemetry data, but I can' t see Royal SRS and GPS connected to her. What is missing, thanks?

    So, you confirm me that servo setup doesn' t change, it is always the same in all flight modes. That' s right? You need to do changes on function curve and on trims, setting single and not global.