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    I understand there are two possibilities to Connect 2x2.4Rx and one 900Rx to Mercury; Always one Rx to Mercury RX1, then; Alternative 1 with the use of EnLink to RX2 and alternative 2 (the one you described over, and foto) with the 900 into a Rx and from there to Mercury RX2.

    So I have two questions:

    a) Are there any differences in safety between alternative 1(EnLink) and 2 900->Rx->Rx2. Will the switch over strategy be the same for these two alternatives

    b) How is switch over strategy between RX1 and RX2 in the Mercury. Will it mostly use only RX1 and only switch to RX2 if RX1 is really bad, or will it jump between Rx1 and 2 picking the best datapackages at all time. Is it possible to do any customer adjustments to this in the Mercury, or is it al set from PB?



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    Richard, yes i know (also that the PB stand is very bussy and popular at the JP).

    OK, I will bring with my two BaseLogs, and you will se what you are able to do.

    Thanks again for superquick reply :-)

    Hi Richard, I was thinking; is it possible that I bring with the two Baselog units to the JetPower Event in September and that you perform the sw update there at the Event. It would save me time and shipping cost. Is it possible?

    Hi Richard, I have two BaseLog units, not sure how old but manual only describes Multiplex and Spektrum telemetry. Also nothing described about update possibilities. When entering setup on the units, the screen lists this; Chemistry, Capacity, MSB-Mode, Output-voltage and OK. I tried to connect PC/PB Terminal to the MSB plug on the BaseLog, but the PB Terminal could not detect the BaseLog (as expected since i could not set the unit into PC/Update mode). I guess I have two older units. Can theese be updatet to be Jeti telemetry capable. If i need to send to you what is the time duration and cost for this?