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    Hi DHC8

    I can't comment on using 1 sparkswitch pro for duel ignitions. I looked at it for my 3W 170 CS-TS but decided to use 2 sparkswitch pro's and connected it to 2 seperate channels (Y lead for single battery) as per richard's wiring diagram. I then only use 1 of the ignition's rpm cable and temp sensor and connected it to 1 spark switch. It seems to work fine.

    Richard. No failsafe postions are stored yet except sparkswitch pro for ignition.

    TMS. I'll try move radio further away and see if it's gone.

    David that's interesting because it looks like it's only on powerbus connected servos. Richard are you aware of this and do you agree to wire servos conventionally? I like the powerbus systems as it simplifies the wiring a lot.....


    Hi Richard

    Hope you can help. Got 2 large scale planes with royal srs, pbr9 (2 each) using powerbus to bus for elev and rudder. All firmware rx and Core have latest updates. With the Core close to the aircraft every couple of minutes the servos glitch (quick jump up and down). It seems that it only happens on servos connected to powerbus (powerbus to bus). Interesting both aircraft does the same so can't be airframe specific.

    Is it anything of concern as these aircraft are new and just setup ready for test flights?


    Hallo Richard

    I'm using 3W 170 TS-CS with 2 ignitions and 2x sparkswitch pro no problem. I only connected 1 of the ignition's rpm cable to 1 of the sparkpro's and it works fine. Only problem is at engine idle the rpm (telemetry) fluctuates a lot. At full engine rpm the display on Core is stable. Any ideas?


    Thanks Richard

    Found the problem. For some reason the delta mix was on in the royal srs (even after reset). Solved thanks

    I still can't figure out how to adjust individual servo travels (2 servos per surface) when D/R are active. No problem to set end points on full travel for individual servos per surface, but when D/R active I don't know how to do it.


    Hi Guys

    I searched on the forum but couldn't find an answer for my problem.

    I'm setting up my plane with royal srs, sbus servos and Core radio. The elevator and rudder servos works through powerbus plugged into Bus A. I got that to work fine. Aileron servos (2 per wing) plugged into royal (G,H left wing Ail A gyro and V,W on right wing Ail B gyro). When selecting which servos to work with aileron in Core the elevator servos now works when moving aileron. The elevator and aileron servos are different numbers and input and output mapping on royal corresponds to Core settings. I know it's something small but can't find it. In the Core radio under servo monitor when I move aileron stick it does show aileron movement on screen and no elevator movement, but the elevator servos does work with aileron movement.

    Second part of the question regarding individual adjustment of servo travel (2 servos per control surface). So after servo matching done on royal for full travel ect. and dual rates setup on Core. How do I adjust the amount of travel for each servo when dual rates are active? Reason is on full travel both servos match but on dual rates active the individual servos does not match at reduced travel.