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    Hi Dirk,

    Only maybe? for people with older Spektrum receiver. New ones have SRXL-2 and they even have a satellite which is smaller, cheaper and has bind button. Likely good for buddy box. I would like to test with your convertor as many here use Spektrum at club.


    I too would like to wish Richard and the PowerBox team a Merry Christmas and nice break over the period.

    Thanks so much for the most excellent Core but just as much, Richard, your help and patience in assisting many of us this year (often for simple things that when explained were easy of course) can not be underestimated. The list of updates that keep the software and hardware growing in a most difficult year.

    Take care and I am sure we are all looking forward to what is coming in 2021.

    Michael - Melbourne, Australia.

    Hi Michael,

    I have asked this same question and Richard confirmed it will work down to 3.5v (vario can even still be connected)

    Look at page 2 you will see my post.

    Michael, Aus.

    Hallo Michael,

    Ich habe dieselbe Frage gestellt und Richard hat bestätigt, dass sie bis zu 3,5 V funktioniert (Vario kann sogar noch angeschlossen werden).

    Auf Seite 2 sehen Sie meinen Beitrag.

    Michael, Aus.

    Hi all. Here are some pictures of a 3d printed design (my first design as printer arrived last week) and I am learning Fusion 360

    It is a removable wind flag for pilots, dlg's, gliders etc.

    I will put on Thingiverse if anyone is interested? Simply remove 4 bottom screws and purchase 14mm long version x 4. The part on Core stays and fits in case fine - the flag part plugs in when required. I used a 3mm fibreglass pole.


    Hallo zusammen. Hier sind einige Bilder eines 3D-gedruckten Designs (mein erstes Design als Drucker kam letzte Woche an) und ich lerne Fusion 360

    Es ist eine abnehmbare Windfahne für Piloten, DLGs, Segelflugzeuge usw.

    Ich werde Thingiverse anziehen, wenn jemand interessiert ist? Entfernen Sie einfach die 4 unteren Schrauben und kaufen Sie eine 14 mm lange Version x 4. Das Teil am Kern bleibt und passt für den Fall, dass alles in Ordnung ist - das Flaggenteil wird bei Bedarf eingesteckt. Ich habe eine 3mm Glasfaserstange verwendet.


    Ich glaube, das kommt bald. Sie müssen einen kompatiblen Multiplex-Empfänger (oder was auch immer der Schüler verwendet) an den Servo-Port an der Vorderseite des Core anschließen. Schülersignale gelangen auf diese Weise zum Kern. Dann könnten wir jeden zweiten Sender verwenden.

    i believe this is coming soon. You will need to connect a compatible multiplex (or whatever the student is using) receiver to the servo port on the front of the Core. Student signals get to Core this way. Then we could use whatever second transmitter.


    Firstly - I am no expert here. My planes by virtue of size do not yet require larger Chanel counts above 10 and power boxes. However, I think you will never get 8 receivers. Either part of the plane will need to be on receiver 1, some on 2, 3 and 4. The best option I think is a Pioneer, 2 x PBR26D so you get lots of channels, 4 receivers (2 &2) working across all channels as well as power management in a cheaper more compact setup.

    You can run the single wire from each receiver a long way to assist in getting a clear signal outside as well.

    Only if you bind direct to the Core. Through a Pbox you can do only 2 x physical receivers (4 actual receivers)

    If you use 4 x pbr9 will then have 8 antennas / seperate rx’s.

    I agree too Jan. Understand if it needs to be there for technical reasons however can we move to somewhere else, hide as a different type maybe?