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    That’s the problem. I’m trying to set failsafe in the radio but when the receivers are running through the SRS Gyro it won’t set the failsafe. When I bypass the gyro and go direct from receivers to 2018 I can set failsafe in radio as normal.

    I’ll try a software update in gyro and see if that helps.

    Thanks for your time Richard.

    Thanks Richard,

    As far as I’m aware the 2018 does not have the ability to set a failsafe. If the 2018 loses signal it’s defaults to hold and can’t be changed. Obviously no good for throttle.

    Sorry Richard I just wanted to add that I have the 2018/IgyroSRS/Futaba set up in 4 other jets and it works perfectly. I’m thinking maybe there’s a setting in the gyro I’ve missed.

    Thanks Richard

    Hello Richard,

    I’ve been unable to set the failsafe in my 18MZ whilst the Igyro SRS is hooked up. The default failsafe value in the 18MZ is to HOLD but I’m trying to make the throttle channel go to idle and it won’t work. Neither will any other pre set fail safe conditions I try. When I bypass the Igyro SRS and go directly from the receivers into the Emcotech 2018 the failsafe can be set in any position without an issue.

    Something in the gyro seems to be preventing fail safe and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Richard.

    Kind Regards

    Levi Wagner