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    Since the 2.70 update I no longer have trim click sounds, timer sounds and speech output on my Core.

    Warning sound works (like pressing the Load button for Voice packages with no USB stick inserted). Also Vario tone works.

    The update went smooth without errors over WiFi.

    I've tried creating new models, change models, rebooting the Core, move master volume slider up and down, add a rotary controll to master volume, change value on all volume options, enable and disable Beeps on trims and timers.

    All volume options are now set to 100%, but no trim, timer and speech.

    Any suggestions?

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    It doesn't matter which option you choose.

    Choose any of the three options and hit the "Proceed" button without assigning any sticks or servos. You will then get an empty functions list where you can freely assign any function you like.


    I have purchased 2 powerbox PowerPak 2.5X2 ECO but still not know how to charge them. I have an skyrc charger and set it up to balance-charge Li Ion batteries to 2.5mAh. i connected the charger lead for power eco and the charger says i need the balance cables also i connected the mpx cable and the charger says i need the balance cables too

    I am missing something?


    It has nothing to do with the PowerPak.

    On some of the SkyRC chargers you need to disable the balance port in the system setup menu to be able to charge without a balance lead connected. If it's not disabled you wont be able to charge without a balance lead, even if you use the charge only option.

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    This is how I would do it.

    Use flight modes.

    Step 1

    Create two flight modes and assign your switches.

    Flight mode 1 (2 pos switch) must have the highest priority and be set to active on the position when you want -100.

    Flight mode 2 (3 pos switch) shall activate on the position when you want 57.

    Step 2

    Create a new function for servo 8.

    Set Control to Fixvalue On

    Set Servo travel to -100 +100.

    In Setup, change flight mode from Global to Single.

    Activate each flight mode with the switches and change the rates to the desired values. Flight mode 1 set to -100, Flight mode 2 set to 57

    When no flight mode is active, set the rate to 0

    It would be a cool feature to use swedish as voice on the Core, but it would sound really weird if I can't use those letters.

    I get along just fine with english, so not big deal. Thank for the info Richard.


    Yep, I know. I've tried it, but Norwegian sounds strange to me. 8o


    I mean if we can get a Swedish Acapela voice package and be able to use the Swedish letters åäö together with it.

    These letters are greyed out on the keyboard, can't use them. I'm using English as system language.


    I love the new voice feature on the Core!

    Not a big deal, but is it possible to get Swedish voice packages on the Core, and be able to use ÅÄÖ?

    / Peter

    Hi there.

    I'm a new Core owner, and I love it!

    I've been playing around a lot with the radio, and have some suggestions for future updates.

    1. A way to copy or duplicate Functions would be great.

    2. Rearrange or sort the Functions list.

    3. Using Flight Modes. In Function Setup, The ability to enable or disable Control Rate on each flight mode. Right now this setting is shared with all flight modes in a Function.

    4. In the Flight Mode priority tree. Can you make the enabled flight mode input switch lit up on the screen when a flight mode is enabled? It can get a bit confusing when you get further down the priority tree.

    Thank you for this great radio!