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    Hello, I have a PB Core since 8 months and this morning I had a problem during the change of the model.

    The display and touch screen remained frozen. The problem is similar to the one described in Thread "10271-core-frozen-screen", but for me the screen has also frozen in addition to the touch screen.

    I have version 2.65 and I don't use "fast start".

    I started the model change procedure, the percentage reached 70% and the new model appeared, but all the telemetry values were empty. I tried to touch the screen to update the sensors, but the touch no longer worked.

    The radio was blocked and I had to restart holding pressed the shutdown button. During the shutdown the PB symbol did not appear, but after a few seconds some horizontal lines appeared and the screen slowly faded out.

    At the next restart the model loaded was the previous one and not the last one chosen. So I rebooted, then I changed the model then I rebooted.

    The radio now seems to be working properly and I have made two flights.

    Do I need to worry? do i have to send the radio to you for a check? Is it possible to send you a log of what happened?

    Thanks, Andrea

    I agree with you, mine was just a graphic example.

    The servo offset is right to be unique.

    The offset (or trim) of the function is rightly dependent on the flight mode.

    This is why I asked if there is the possibility of having offsets (or trims) on all channels and if there is the possibility of storing them (save them inside the function and view them at zero on the display on the next flight).

    Phase Trim is a "Flight phase-specific trim for each channel".

    It is very useful when you need to set a different offset for the Function, f (x) as Core calls it, for each flight mode.

    The Offeset is not available in the Functions (there is only Rate and Expo)

    while in the Servo there is the Offset (Mitte), but it does not rightly take into account the flight mode in which I am.

    The optimal solution is to add it into the Function f (x).

    Hi TK7, thanks for your answer, I had thought about it but this doesn't solve the problem, because I already use the rubber buttons for other functions such as the auxiliary brake or the reset of the capacity of my "Pioneer" and 2 trims are still few.

    So can you confirm that there is no "Trim Phase"?

    Hi, I don't understand how I can set the flight mode dependent channel offsets.

    Some systems call them "Trim Phase", others call them "Servo Offset" or "Function Offset".

    Basically I need the zero position of the servo to change according to the flight mode in which I am.

    Typical example: when the flap is down the elevator is down too. For the 4 main channels I can use phase dependent trim, but for all other channels how do I do it?

    I tried to create some fixed value auxiliary functions, often also called "Global Variables", to mix with the main channel, this is how it works, but I have to create as many as there are channels.

    This would also be very convenient to memorize the trim position of the 4 main channels for each phase and reset the graphic trim to zero. Eg "Store Trim".

    Best regards, Andrea

    Hi Richard,

    I also have a problem with the "Sequancer".

    I changed the Graupner Transmitter system with Mercury SRS which had the sequancer on both my Grazupner MZ-32 and MercurySRS,


    to a PB Core system with Pioneer which does not have a Sequencer.

    Now I can't open the doors anymore. you have news?

    Do you have an alternative solution? For example on Graupner there is a function called "Delay Channel" and another called "Speed servo" which allows you to solve the problem with a trick ... is there something similar on PB?

    Greetings, Andrea

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks You very much for the answer.

    I've tried and it works!

    After making the last change I wait without touching anything, after about 12 seconds the receiver flashes red and the radio signal is lost for an instant. At that moment the storage is successful and at the next restart all settings are correct.

    Great product, excellent customer support!

    Greetings, Andrea

    Hello, I have a problem in the settings of my iGyro Sat.

    Both the PB Core and the PBR-7S receiver as well as the GPS II are updated to the latest software version available.

    After having performed the test flight to try the right Gain, I apply the corrections to the "fine tuning" of the various Channels. They appear correctly on the display, but if I turn off the receiver (I wait 10 or 15 seconds before turning it off as indicated in the forum) and turn it back on, the settings return to default. Both the information of the Gain and the "Attitude Assistant" active or inactive on the various channels are lost.

    I specify that I have not touched the "Reset Gyro" button.

    Precise during the "Gyro Setup" a strange behavior appears that I have not seen described in the forum: after defining the "Mounting Position", while I execute the "Teach Stick Endpoint" all the servos oscillate to the end of their travel, as if they were crazy then when I finish the "Teach Done" they stop in the correct position.

    Why does "Fine Tuning" lose the changes?


    Hello, I had the exact same problem.

    I connected two Graupner GR-12L SUMD receivers (Art. S1051) to my Mercury SRS (version 11).

    the Mercury display says:

    Rx1: OK

    Rx2: OK

    But no signal is received by the Mercury.

    After many hours of testing and testing, I partially solved the problem by downgrading the receiver firmware from version 2.06 to version 2.04.

    In the new firmware version there are 4 types of SUMD (Graupner OLD probably 16 channels, Graupner New probably 32 channels, Futaba SBUS, Spektrum SP2048).

    In the old version of the firmware there is only one SUMD and in the instructions it is specified that it is a SUMD-OF-16 (as required by Mercury).

    I have configured the Receiver as follows:

    Framerate: indifferent

    CH6: SUMD

    CH5: SENSOR (Telemetry)

    But now I have another problem: Mercury does not always detect the receivers at start up, sometimes I have to disconnect the batteries and reconnect them ... I will keep you updated on the evolution, if you have any suggestions they are welcome.



    I would like to switch from Graupner Hott to PB Core and use a "Pioneer" control unit to manage my models because it is the only one without voltage regulation (I use HV servos directly connected to the Lipo for maximum power).

    Reading the instructions and the forum I don't understand if I can also control Delta models or models with ElevonMix? From the instructions it seems that the effect of the gyroscope is possible only on Elevator or Ailerons independently.

    On Graupner I mix the channels directly on the RX so that the effect of the Gyroscope is also possible on the Delta or on the models with ElevonMix. Is this possible with Powerbox?

    How does Pioneer manage the Delta Mix?

    Best Regards, Andrea

    Hi Rudolf,

    I had the exact same problem with my Mercury.

    I have never used the control unit before flying.

    I connected the Mercury to my Android phone Oppo One Plus, updated to the latest version as well as the PowerBox app.

    During the software update from versione 8 to version 10 the word "Preparing" appeared and then the display turned off. The update has stopped.

    When I restarted the Mercury the display was black.

    I used the "Rescue Mode" which forced the software to version 9.

    Then I updated from version 9 to version 10 and now it works.

    If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

    The forum is very useful.

    I hope to fly soon with my new Mercury!