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    Both ailerons in wrong direction, then in "Setup" change rate from 100 to -100

    Only on aileron in wrong direction, then change in "Servo" the "Direct." from Rev to Norm or vice versa

    Tk7 thanks for you reply!

    -Its not exactly the direction of the aileron thats the issue: I like to change the center point of the aileron, so I change the camber of the wing. What I want to do is select i.e the "Termikk" FM switch, the flap and aileron will go negative 10deg (on both wings, the flap and aileron will move to downwards (-10deg)). If I select "Termikk 2" the flap/aileron move 15deg down. -Select FM Normal the wing clean up and flap and aileron goes back to 0.

    What didn´t work is Setup>Curve Editor and move the center point. Then one aileron moves down and the other equally up.

    Argh, one issue..

    Going into Setup and adjust the values on the Aileron will move the aileron-surfaces in opposite directions.. I want to adjust them both up or down together with the flap... (I am adjusting the camber of the wing..). How do I do that?

    For the FlightModes the valueinput is in "Setup", not in "Servo"

    Is that Your problem?

    Hmm, was about to post an update. Tk7 - I think you're right.. -still need to test the latest set up on the model, but from looking at the ServoMonitor, thats seems to be the "link" I was missing.. :/

    Adam Strong - Still not quite there.. I may be a little dumb.. but still don´t get it. What is frustrating is that in the past I have managed to set up the glider to do what I want, but I basically mess around randomly for hours trying to set it up.... all values end up in a mess.. ( Tk7 I "cheat" as I have to set up a function switch and define the individual servo setting and assign the FM to the same switch so that the label on top of the screen tell me what "FM"/setting I am in... I.e got set up the flap and aileron in a desired camber)

    So as I see this, there is a "missing link" in the instruction videos: I set up the FM and assigned them to the desired switch(es), set the Mode to Single -> Hoerver, if I then go to the Function Tab and start to manipulate the servo setting to i.e set a desired camber, it will change the setting of the base set up!! Camber is where both ailerons and flap is in a i.e 10deg negative position - you cant get this done via trimming tab. If you like to manipulate individual servo function for a defined FM. But how is this done?

    Adam Strong -thanks. Will try this. I did suspect a Global/single mode issue.. but as I from time to time experience that settings are apparently “reset” when changing modes, I don’t think I have full confidence yet.

    You can change the Mode in Trim and in Setup.. are they the same setting? (Do you have to change them to the same in both places or is it only in Setting?)

    Dirk, unfortunately, it doesn't.

    The thing is that its no problem to assign a switch to a FM.. However, how do you go form there to adjust your control surfaces?? I get it to work.. "kinda".. I manage to assign a switch to "Normal" - "Thermal" - "Speed" - where all control surfaces is moving to a set position. But I think thats actually "cheating" as I in effect just assign several servo function to a switch and call it a FM..

    On a F3J / F5J glider you want the control surfaces to be set in certain positions in various phases and in each phase you what to activate and deactivate functions. I thought that that was the whole point with a FM?

    -When trying this, I experience that the basic set up get all messed up. If I use Singel or Global does not seem to have any affect in avoiding this.. (I think...)

    -To get this to work on a Core is harder than "splitting atoms" from the look of number of frustrated postings and the shear lack of a clear simple explanation how to do it!

    To emphasize; I manage to designate switch to FM but when I start to edit control surfaces the basic settings get completely messed up. So where in the menu do you actually manipulate the control surfaces for each FM?

    Same problem here.. unable to understand how to configure Flight Modes. -I have a F3J glider and want to set it up as I get FM1. Start/Take off FM2. Normal FM3. Thermal 1 FM4. Thermal 2 FM5. Speed

    Not trying to highjack your thread here Luke7, just emphasize that a step by step explanation how to set up FM on gliders in English is dearly missed!!

    Is there anyone else that experience incomplete vario files? On a recent terminal version (prior to 3.2.2) it was solved, but now the problem is back..

    Start to wonder if its some settings in my system that could be wrong.


    I had issues with motors not running clean with SparkSwitchPro installed.

    Got 2 SSPs, so I tried to swap them - no change, removed temp sensor (complete disaster with it connected!) and replaced all cables. Same result. - However, after replacing it with a RCEXL kill switch, the motors run perfekt.

    Any idea what can be wrong?

    This is still a mystery.. no files has ever come out complete. Is there anyone else having this issue?

    --I have now logged over 16 hours with the vario.. all incomplete files.


    I have a glider that I have a Vario installed in and when reading the files afterwards, they are incomplete. They stop before the glider is landed. This render the file prety useless.

    Is there any way to fix this or am I reading it wrong?

    Also, why is there no time anortation to the log file??


    I sure did.. didn't look careful enough on at your image how to connect the BlueComm.... Once that was cut, it works fine

    Btw, seems like it was the iPhone X the MobileTermina/Bluecomm disliked and crashed.. Still refuse to to connect to the BlueComm.. On a iPhone 6 the MobileTerminal works just fine!