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    Thank you for your response,

    At no stage have I stated that all powerbox products are faulty, if you re-read my original posts you will see I have told you I am looking at buying a 2ndMercury SRS to put in another model, I wouldn't be doing that if I believed all powerbox products were faulty would I?? I would just use a different manufacturer of power sources.

    I stated I have a cockpit SRS too that I haven't used as yet, I asked if there is any known fault with the cockpit, basically that I need to look for. If there isn't then thats great and that's what I would expect.

    I haven't at any stage accused Powerbox of manufacturing products that are all faulty. My own personal experience is that I have purchased an Item, that yes is one fault in one powerbox but it is a fault nonetheless and as a customer I am definitely allowed to be disappointed with that. As would you be if you bought any product new that wasn't working in the way it was supposed to.

    So just for clarity of the situation, I have not insinuated anything regarding the overall integrity of powerbox systems, I was just a customer seeking support from a company that many of my fellow flying friends and show pilots in the UK hold in high regard. Support for a product that has a fault that you wish to repair, and simply ask if there is any known fault with a cockpit SRS. A simple answer of there are no known faults would have sufficed.

    I asked if there was any discount you could offer on a 2nd mercury for me as a good will gesture because of the disappointment of having bought a faulty one. But, given the response I have received from you I wouldn't accept any such offer if one were available.

    And although you haven't answered my original question of have you received my Mercury safely from Nexus models, I shall end the conversation with thanking you for your time.

    And I hope to receive my Mercury soon.

    Stay safe,

    Best regards


    Firstly, there isn't anything to "cool down" about. I am contacting you to confirm you have received the faulty Item that has been returned to you for repair.

    You may say it is a rare error but it is a fault nonetheless and all I was asking is if it would be suitable to go in my model when it is repaired, from your experience would this fault occur again.

    Lastly, I have to say, that I think you should re-read the message you have posted on this public forum, I believe that is possibly one of the rudest responses I have had from a customer support team.




    Nexus Models should have now sent you my Mercury SRS for repair, can you please advise me if you have received it? Given this is a brand new Item with a fault straight out of the box, can you please confirm that this will not fail in flight after you repair it? Its going in a €7500 model and therefore It has to be perfect. I was looking at purchasing a 2nd Mercury SRS for another one of my turbine models. Are you able to give any special offers due to the inconvenience of this? I have bought a new Cockpit SRS that I haven't yet used that is going in my 3rd Turbine model. Are there any known faults with the cockpit SRS?

    Thank you in advance for your time,


    Thank you for your response. I will first speak to Nexus and see what they say. I purchased this from them brand new in June last year at the Weston Park show, but I hadn't taken it out of the box until this week when I finally got around to installing it in my ultra flash EVO. I will see what nexus say. If they are not prepared to exchange it, I will be in contact with you again. Thank you, steve

    hello, I bought a brand new mercury SRS with GPS from nexus models in the UK, I have fitted it to my comp arf ultra flash EVO and I get the following message, I have to turn the mercury off and on 3-4 times to get it to work. I feel so disappointed as the unit is not cheap and I'm putting it in a very expensive model.

    Can you please advise what options are available??? Or what the problem is??