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    Aha!! I was searching the forum for a indicated speed sensor for my Core radio and I found this post. I also learned a new german word; geschwindigkeitssensor!

    It’s wonderful to know that we will have our geschwindigkeitssensor some day soon for our models from Powerbox-System for our Core radio!

    Powerbox-Systems #1 :*:thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your time in responding and answering my question. I understand that it can get complicated and busy on the screen but if it is designed right it may not take too much screen area. Please see an example I found on the internet, below.

    My reason for asking is that I have difficulty remembering, actually I don’t remember most warning alarm values that I have set in the widgets. I see numbers on the widgets and it would be helpful if they were visually referenced to some sort of gauge.

    For example you have made a nice bar graph for the batteries for the Core on the screen and they are very helpful in identifying the level of charge at a glance. Easy to see, easy to understand.

    For example; I would like to see a screen with round gauges and vertical gauges so I know in an instant where the value is on the gauge with the alarm settings. Versus just a number. Here’s an example to show you what I mean. I’m just sharing my thoughts and I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you!


    Hello and Greetings from Canada,

    I was wondering if we will see a new type of screen display which might include gauges? So may I ask are there plans to have better visualization of telemetry values as in round gauges? For example a RPM gauge , fuel gauge, battery voltage gauge , battery capacity gauge, etc etc.

    Best regards,


    Yes I know the LED has nothing to do with BlueCom or update I just wanted to show you that the switch still works without the LED.

    Richard I just sent you a conversation with my address details.

    Thanks again for your excellent support and I will throw this switch into the garbage and wait for the new one to come! All the best and my regards!


    It’s funny as I just finished making all my servo leads for the plane and I had everything ready to go so I turned it on to do some more programming and that is when I noticed the LED not working. Maybe I wasn’t meant to fly this plane this week? 🤣

    Am I correct to say that the green LED is not integrated into the micro switch function of turning it on?

    I’m wondering if it’s possibly something else is causing this problem or did the LED fail? The micro switch seems to work fine and my Core telemetry widgets see the Pioneer and related PowerPak batteries. I can get everything to work, I just don’t have a green LED. Any help would be welcomed.

    Good afternoon,

    I relocated the micro switch on my airplane and now the green LED light isn’t working. I just tried it again and that’s where I noticed and can confirm that the switch works but the green light does not. So in essence I have no indication if the switch is on or off.

    Is it possible to get a new switch?

    Hello again as I have some more questions?

    There are all basic questions and help in this matter will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    So this is a capacity consumption widget. How do I know what the batteries have? I’m using the 110/220V charger to charge the batteries.

    It there somewhere on the Powerbox Core where I can see the capacity of the fully charged batteries?

    How does the Pioneer switch between the two batteries?

    Greetings fellow Powerbox Core users,

    Last week I received my order for my second Powerbox Core radio and this time I ordered the tray version. In the last several years I had changed from being a thumb flyer and switched to be become a pinch flyer to suit my needs. The progression took some getting used to and now I can comfortably say I have mastered it and can do it with ease!

    I was really excited about trying a tray version of the Powerbox’s Core Radio. So now that I have mine may I say that the transition from the handheld Core radio to the tray version was the perfect choice for me! The tray version feels ever so light on the straps around my neck and my hands rest very comfortably on the winglets. I find that the longer gimbal stick’s length to be ideally suited for my fingers and thumbs and while accessing the different switches are even easier now. The design of the Powerbox Core tray version seems very subtle and not so really different from the hand held version. But the noticeable differences shine like a beacon when you strap it on and place your hands on top of the winglets, the fit is just perfect! This is definitely a champion designed radio and I’m very happy with my choice!

    Hello RickJ53, rcfox and Richard,

    Thank you all for your prompt reply's to my question and I greatly appreciate your direct answer Richard, first class service as alway!

    I received my Powerbox Core June 17, 2021 and since I have no stick switches now it know why there is no opening!

    I’m just wondering should there be any concerns about some pressure being applied to the touchscreen while it’s in the case?

    Hello and greetings from Canada,

    I have an interesting question. Whilst opening my brand new Powerbox Core tray radio I noticed that the top case did not have the foam insert cut for the screen and gimbals as seen on the tray case picture from Powerbox’s website which I have attached below. My question is should there be a cutout or is this a new and improved way to secure and protect the radio? Or possibly is this an oversight?

    Best regards, Michel 🇨🇦