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    I followed the instructions of the app perfectly but it doesn't work anyway ..... it prevents me from entering both pioneer and gyro sat and gps2 .... in my opinion it is the app that is wrong or the bluecom that it's old as you told me .... I always do everything to the letter believe me but it doesn't work .... sorry and thanks ... for the bluecom change Richard Deutsch what do you think?

    the difference I wanted to point out is that although my friend has the red bluetooth icon the word START is still there .... instead I with the blue bluetooth icon does not give me any START .... there it is some system bug for sure .... as for the gyro sat ok I understand .... but anyway I use it with a pioneer with futaba system ... it never updates then?

    This instead is the screen of how it should be .... it is the screen of a friend of mine to which it works correctly

    yes in the post I wrote that in addition to the pioneer it does not even let me update the gyro sat ... and that is the screen I have on the powerbox app ... there is not even the icon to start downloading the update .... it was an additional information could possibly be of some use

    Good morning .... the status of the blucom is blue and the version of my Android is the one in the picture .... thank you very much and I hope to solve it as soon as possible

    Good morning ... I tried to do as you told me but without any positive result .... I can't communicate with the pioneer control unit or with i-gyro sat or with gps 2 .... thanks for your availability and courtesy

    Good evening .. I recently bought a Pioneer control unit with i-gyro sat and I can't enter the control unit for setting .... the first time it let me in and update to V1.0 and then it doesn't let me in anymore. it doesn't even let me update i-gyro sat and to test even a gps 2 that I have at home .... I have an Android system and a blucom .... thank you very much for your availability and courtesy

    Good evening .... now the gyro has returned to my house and in these days I will try it and let you know .... but what do you have to check sorry? I did not understand forgive me

    Good evening Richard ... but is it possible that the problem I had with the Gyro srs was just updating the software to V28 ....? on the repairs and expenses sheet there is only the item "software update" ...... possible? then the problem is me as I have not been able to set it

    Hello Richard and thank you very much for the technical support .... this morning I did various tests and on 10 times the problem occurred at least 5 times ... there is no error logic but there is an anomaly .. ... I disassembled the Gyro srs and I will send it to you tomorrow .... what should I send you with the gyro? just the component or also the switch? would you please send me the exact shipping address? how long does it take between troubleshooting and shipping to my home? thank you very much for your availability and courtesy