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    Hi Richard and Thanks for answer.

    Ok now I understand how it Works, but only one question more.

    When I use the flight assistent to setting the gain I could see that in FM-2 the attitude assist is ON for elevator and Aileron and OFF for rudder.

    Please confirm it is correct settings for FM-2.

    Best regards Helge B. Larsen

    Hej Richard.

    What do you mean with change the trim when I use flaps?

    When I use full flaps for landing I have a mix where the elevator trims a few mm Down and boths Ailerons trims up 7 mm (butterfly) to reduce the risk for stall when landing. Could that explain why the gyro funktions change when I use flaps? And could I remove this trims when I use gyro for landing?

    If I understand it correct: In normal flying FM 2 Attitude assist ON for elevator and Ailerons but OFF for rudder?

    Best regards Helge B. Larsen

    Hi Richard and Thanks for answer.

    Yes I now that normally my flaps have nothing to do with the gyro funktion and of course I use one Channel for flaps and another Channel for activate FM 1-3. But somehow when I aktivate the flaps Channel it effekt the gyro funktions as described above,but I dont now why and I dont use the same Switch for both channels. Any ideers what could be the problem?

    You write that for take off, landing and normal flying

    Aileron: attitude assist always on

    Elevator: attitude assist off

    Rudder: attitude assist off

    But when i use FM 2 for normal flight I Think for the elevator that attitude assist always On and not Off as you write?

    And could I use Attitude assist On for elevator on landing?

    Best Regards Helge B. Larsen

    Hi Richard

    I`m not sure I fully understand how this gyro system Works under different conditions.

    I have set up my Predator jet 2.2 via the manuel for the Mercury And it seems to work ok, but there a several thinks where I,m not 100 % sure that it is correct.

    I have observed the following:

    When I set my flaps to start position and choose FM 2 or FM 3. Elevator and Rudder is on Normal Gyro funktion but aileron is Heading Hold.

    Is that correct.?

    When I set my flaps to landing position (full Flaps) and choose FM 2. Elevator, Aileron and rudder is Normal Gyro. But if I Choose FM 3. Elevator and Aileron is normal gyro but Rudder is Heading hold.

    Is that correct?

    When flying normal and no flaps and choose FM 2. Aileron and Elevator is Heading Hold and rudder normal gyro. If I choose FM 3 Aileron, Elevator and Rudder is on Heading Hold.

    Is that correct?

    Normally I use FM 1 (No Gyro), with start and landing, but It seems that the gyro automatic make this funktions when Flaps is on. I have not make any speciel programming when I set up the Mercury, but when the flaps is on it make this gyro funktions automatic.

    Is that correct?

    Best regards Helge B. Larsen

    Hi again Richard.

    I have about 25 % gain, becuse if I reduce it to much, the tail started to swap in slow flying.

    When I fly fast I always switch of the Gyro, becuse the plane only swap with the tail in low speed so i don`t need the gyro funktion in high speed.

    Not possible to use heading hold on rudders if I understand it correct?

    But I think it is strange that it only occilation a lot sometimes in low speed. Not all the time?

    Best regards Helge

    Thanks for answer Richard.

    But reduce the gain dont solve the problem.

    I have tryed with very litle gain, but still a lot of occilation, some times.?

    I use a switch for gyro On/Off and if the gyro is off no problems but of course no gyro funktion.

    I use the gyro only on the rudders, and use "Normal Mode" and not "heading Hold"

    I´m not sure it possible to use heading hold on the rudders?

    Could the problem be the position of the Gyro when I use it for rudders or maybe I have to turn it 90 degress? (Se picture)?

    Best regards Helge

    Hi Richard here are some pictures of Xcalibur installation

    Do you mean electrical noise from the ECU? The gyro is installed about 5 cm from the ECU.

    Is the Gyro installed in the right direction when i use it for rudder? It Works normally ok, but suddenly it’s occiliate a lot for a short time. It is secured ok in the fuselage, so that is not the problem?

    Best regards Helge

    Hi I have a problem with my igyro 1 e. I use it on a jet Xcalibur for the 2 rudders, because in low speed it is wagging with the tail.

    But suddenly it start to oscillation a lot when I am flying, but only a short time and then it stops again an work normal.

    I have installed it as on the picture and use an Y-cable to the 2 rudders and only use one output from the Gyro.

    It is Secured ok and not loose in any Way.

    I use a Channel for the gain so I just make adjustment in the air.

    When I´m testing it on the Ground it Works correct and when tail move right the gyro activate the rudder to the right and visa versa., so that is not the problem with wrong direction.

    But is the installation of the Igyro correct when i use it for rudders or what could be the problem?

    Best regards Helge B. Larsen

    Hi I am new in this Mercury Powerbox and I could not set failsafe in General settings.?

    When I have make all my settings I could not make failsafe in General Settings? It hold the last posion of my sticks and switches.?

    No good with a jet on 100 % Thottle if I loose connection:).

    Is it because I first have to choose Hold or Failsafe in Output mapping for each funktion before I could use the failsafe in General settings?

    Best regards Helge

    Hi It is my first Power box Mercury and I could not find anyting in the manual about Gyro setting Charac.

    It could see that factury setting is hard, but what is the best way to use and what does it mean? I think it is a kind of Expo on the gyro funktion?

    I have to use the powerbox in a Jet so is it better with the normal setting?

    Another question. My Jet is a Pilor RC Predator with kingtech 210 Turbine and is it best to use the recommed Fligt mode Configuration from the manuel Fm 1 Off FM 2 Att Assist Std. FM 3 Att Assist All? Or is there better configurations for a Jet like mine?

    I have no Vector trust but maybe later.

    Best regards Helge

    Hi Pigna. I could read that you have used TM 1000 and spektrum GPS together with the Mercury. I have connected It correct, and use the X bus 1 and X bus 2 on the GPS to connection on TM 1000 and the other on 4 pins teleport on Mercury. And the 3 pins Connector from data port on TM 1000 to 3 pins teleport on Mercury.

    But my problem is that I could not bind the TM 1000 when I bind the spektrum satellites. ?No problem with the satellites.

    Is there a speciel Way to bind Tm 1000 to Mercury?

    Best regards Helge

    In the manuel is written that if you wish telemetri. you have to use TM 1000 and you connect the tree-pin Tele output of the powerbox to the data input of the TM 1000. And connect the Four pin tele output of the powerbox to X-bus input of the TM-1000.

    My Problem is that normally I use the X-bus input of the TM-1000 for my Spektrum GPS.

    So how could i connect my Spektrum GPS when I use the TM-1000 and Mercury SRS when the X-bus have to be connected to the Mercury SRS?

    Best regards Helge

    As Joe already explained correctly: all SRS PowerBoxes accept Spektrum satellites

    Ok Thanks for answer, but to be 100% sure I dont need the reciever but only the spektrum satellites connected to the powerbox and It Will work ok? So if I use my IX 12 spektrum transmitter I Will get 12 channels Out out of the PB Without the reciever but only with the satellites connected. ?

    Best regards Helge Larsen

    Hi power box system. Maybe it is a Crazy question:). But when I look in the manual for spektrum systems. It seems that I only have to connect 4 spektrum satellites to the power box?. Is it not necessary to connect the recievers if I use spektrum transmitter systems?

    I have a IX 12 transmitter and a AR12310T reciever with power safe redundancy system with Dual batteri connection but maybe I don´t need the reciever.?

    Best regards Helge Larsen

    Hi I have some problems with my powerbox sensor. The power comsumption from my 2 batteries 2’s life 2200 mA is quite different. From one battery it is about 75% and 25 % from the other battery. I thought it was a bad battery but when i changed the batteries it was the same problem with comsumption 75% from the one battery and 25 % from the other one.
    The powerbox sensor power a spektrum reciver AR9030T on a Xcalibur Jet.
    what could be the problem?.

    Best regards Helge