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    Friend I know. I did it. The issue is that when I try to sub-trim(center) one of the two surfaces for the MAIDEN flight, also the other surface moves. On elev subtrim both move same direction and on ail subtrim, surfaces move on opposite direcrion. So because of that issue I cannot set the travel distance of each surface without the other surface to move. Pain in the ass. Cant I just set subtrims and travels on my TX and then connect gyro and set to delta? Tried it but I think its not possible. Especially elevator travel must be the same either site.coz otherwise jet's going to roll on pitch. I just cant succeed this in PB way🙄

    Hi all
    I am building an F15 using just elevons and nose gear. No ailerons no rudders
    Came to the setup stage in which I try to connect everything and use PB igyro 3e and I have to set my TX on normal flying and set 3e on delta

    What is normal wing type on a Spektrum TX? There is NO "0" AIL on Spektrum Tx wing type
    What must I choose from aircraft type menu
    1 ail /2 elev / 1 rud?
    1 ail / 1 elev / 1 rud?
    Which receiver channel goes to which gyro channel so to be able to work right and be able to trim and set endpoints(travel) to the surfaces?


    Hey wait one minute. I saw something strange whike trying to do all that from the begining. In a blink of an eye I saw a message appearwd for a second. What I managed to read was the words "CANNOT and IOS". I re-downliaded the app from my android phone through playstore. Is it possible the app which is in the web to fit only for IOS?? Maybe something is wrong in the app itself for androids? Coz nobody with iphone said there is a connection pb? Dont know if what i write is crap but... I dont know. Triwd severL times to make the message appear again but NOTHING

    Hi. But also my friend's Marios Hadjikypris's bluecom doesnt communicate with App. . Both are broken while being in the box Rudolf? Doesnt seem logic to me

    Both abdroid 10 phones

    So we have to sent back for check?

    Rudolf hi

    App is the latest. I tried to bind bluecom with phone through igyro 3e but nothing. Then I tried to bind it through servo tester but bluecom cannot be found by my phone or another phone . My android bluecom Looks DEAD:P. Did nothing bad mate. Was in box since last use:|

    Hi. I have an Igyro3e V5 and an android bluecom with my HUWAEI mate20Pro (android 10).Used the app many times in the past with this phone Not used it for 6 months. Since yesterday I just cannot connect bluecom with 3e. I get a message in the app for No bluetooth connection. No way it can connect. Any help?