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    Hello Rudi, I'm still trying to get the Mobile Terminal app to work for me!

    With the Bluecom in the receiver turned off, after repeated presses of the 3xtra icon, I get the message as in the screenshot below and no blue bluetooth symbol. With turning on the Bluecom, I get the blue symbol and the message as below does not appear.

    Can you advise if all IOS Bluecoms will work with all Powerbox devices or have I perhaps got the wrong one?


    Gleaning information from various sources, this is what I've done:

    Deleted the old app and reinstalled it on both an ipad and an iphone

    Checked that I'm using an IOS Bluecom

    Plugged in the Bluecom to the 3xtra ensuring that the yellow lead is the same way round as the servo leads

    Turned on the receiver and 3xtra leaving the transmitter off

    Unpaired the Bluecom and re-paired it (using the forget device instruction on the phone)

    Started the Mobile Terminal app and selected Igyro

    Attempted to open the 3xtra page by pressing the 3xtra icon. On both the ipad and iphone nothing further happens

    If it works for nearly everyone else then I'm doing something wrong...........

    Hello Rudi, Please see below a screenshot of an Iphone XR. IOS 14.7.1

    When I press on the 3xtra icon (bottom row, left) nothing happens. As you can see the page is showing that it has established a connection with the Bluecom adapter.

    Thanks for your assistance, I would like to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

    Further information.

    There are 5 icons on the igyro page, the only one which will open is the igro sat, which is clearly not relevant to the 3xtra but I can see the bluetooth turn from red to blue even on that page, so I am certain the blucom and the program are communicating but not allowing access to the setting page.

    Hello Rudi,

    The Mobile Terminal is still not working for me. I am using an ipad to connect to an igyro 3xtra. I have a steady blue bluetooth connection but pressing the 3xtra icon does nothing except for the icon to darken - I cannot get to the next page.

    I have deleted and reloaded the mobile terminal app. If the problem is now fixed what am I doing wrong please?

    Ok Rudi,

    Thanks for the update. I appreciate your continued support

    The Bluecom I have, has this code on the reverse, FCC ID: OC3BM1871, presumably this will be compatible with the fixes you are making?

    Hello Rudi,

    Thanks for the reply. The Bluecom is plugged in with the yellow wire nearest to the signal icon on the 3xtra (it looks like a top hat?). I tried plugging in the connector the other way round and did not see the blue bluetooth sign in the bottom right hand corner of the screen - replacing the connector to where it was originally reinstated the bluetooth sign. This tells me its connected properly but I still cannot get the page to open when pressing the 3xtra pictogram.

    I am doing this with the gyro installed in the model and all leads plugged in - is it the case that access to the gyro can only be made if all other connections, except the battery, are removed?

    The reason for wanting to use the adapter as a means of programming is because with the all gains set at 100%, I'm getting very little response from the gyro, though I do get some and its in the correct directions.

    Thanks for your continued help

    Hello Richard,

    To provide additional information, I have now tried the process using an iphone XR with software v14.7 and it makes no difference, I can only get as far as attempting to select the 3xtra icon on the Mobile Terminal app and then nothing happens.

    Hello Richard,

    I have an igyro 3xtra and have connected an ios bluecom adapter. I have Mobile Terminal on an ipad and can see the blue bluetooth icon telling me that the ipad and the igyro are connected. On starting the Moblie Terminal it runs through an update sequence and gets to 100%

    When I try to select the 3xtra on the ipad, nothing happens. If I press and hold for 3 or mode seconds I'm asked if I want to 'rescue' if I press 'no' nothing further happens. If I press 'yes' I get the message 'retrieving device' . I eventually give up on this as nothing further happens.

    It must be me, what am I doing wrong please?

    I have the same problem as read in this forum. Using an iphone or ipad, I can see the blue bluethooth icon (comfirmed by looking at the bluetooth connected devices) but when pressing the igyro icon nothing further happens.

    Please help

    Hello Richard,

    I have purchased an igyro 3xtra but cannot see in the instructions how to set the attitude assist - can this only be carried out using either the Bluecom adaptor or usb adaptor.

    Thanks for your help

    Ok Richard,

    Thank you for the prompt reply and confirmation of the length. Is it possible to specify a different length, or perhaps buy additional cable? The model on which I wish to use the unit has a convenient hatch but its some distance from the main radio installation.

    Thanks for your help.

    Can someone please advise the length of the cable between the switch and the main unit. The minimum length for my model would be 450mm but 500mm is preferred.

    Thank you.