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    Probably an other silly question but is there a way to use the mag sensor AND still have the regular programming switch still plugged in My Mercury SRS?

    I basically want to avoid having to plug and unplug the wires when using the mag sensor

    Any news on this? It would really be great, yes the Unisens-E, I know could be use, but it really is too much information for most of what I need (and in German only) and I would much rather have a PowerBox product.


    Thanks for the answer this is my first set up with PowerBox so excuse my “ignorance”, but

    I am using the Xicoy angle meter and the surface deflections are not perfectly matched across the board with the powerbox servomatching. This is the reason

    I wanted to use extra points between center and full deflection.

    Since all my surfaces are independent I suppose the iGyro will compensate but I am worried when I will have 2 servos on one surface, as in ailerons, that they will fight each other in, for example, 80 degrees of deflection.

    I was also wondering why have a rudderA and a rudderB option if as you suggest I should put all 3 servos on rudderA? What is the use of that option?

    I am setting up an Ultimate biplane wit Mercury SRS with Jeti DC-24

    1) I have 3 servos on rudder and would like to servo match from my Jeti receiver all 3 of them. Anyway to do it and still have iGyro stabilisation for all 3?

    2) if it cannot be done, any advantages to assigning 2 servos to rudderA and one to rudderB rather than all 3 to rudderA?

    3) I seem to remember reading that I should only use the iGyro on one wing rather than both for ailerons, is that true and why if it is?



    Is there any advantages using a REX receiver from Jeti compared to the older R version with my Mercury SRS?

    Will I be missing on telemetry input for my Jeti or Powerbox telemetry devices?

    (I was asked to select a software for the Mercury to post, I am in V11 but it does not show up in the choices so I put v10)

    Hello, I am new to the forum but have been using Powerbox fine product for a while.

    I just switched to the PowerBox servo connectors since my regular JR supply ran out, love them by the way. I cannot use the JR connectors security clips I use to use because the PowerBox connectors are a bit longer than the standard ones.(SEE CLIP BELOW)

    My question is what do you guys use as servo connectors clip to secure the PowerBox connectors? I want something that can be easily removed so tape or heat shrink is out.