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    Unfortunately I am having the same problem listed above. 26d (p2bus)with a y cable to pioneer Rx2 and GPS iii. The core recognizes the unit, widgets are present however its always searching for satellites. Waited approximately 20min outside with the canopy off to be sure. No luck. What do you suggest?

    Also, will my Igyro sat which is plugged into my pioneers fasttrack port automatically use the GPS data of the 26d when it does work?

    Thank you

    I had something interesting happen today that I'm looking for some help understanding. While my Eurosport was sitting on all 3 gear in my back yard, I attempted to do an Igyro "position mount" setup via the core gyro menu. As soon as I hit the "activate" button to do a new position mount "learn in," the nose gear retracted. The nose gear/gear channel is not part of the input mapping. It has nothing to do with it. My setup is 1 pioneer with a 26d, 9pbr and 2 gyros. 1 gyro is through the Pioneer and the other is through the 9pbr. I was attempting to change the gyro which is running through the Pioneer only.

    The only explanation I can come up with is, when attempting to do a new igyro position mount setup, the the reciever is taken "offline" momentarily which caused a failsafe? However, since the weight if the airplane was on the main landing gear(electron) they amped out and did not retract. The nosewheel however did retract since the aircraft is light in the nose. Any help is appreciated as I found this very strange as the gear channel/retraction has nothing to do with the gyro or its mapping. Thanks!

    This is a big help for me as well. However, my gyro gain channel travel is set to %200 -%200 to maximize resolution. Do you recommend this ? Or will I be battling a very jittery airplane during the maiden? ( eurosport aileron/elevator set to roughly 20-30%) I will slowly turn the gain knob up but don't want it too sensitive. Thanks


    I'm preparing to setup up my first vbar on the core. I've switched from Spektrum to the core as well as from the AR7210BX Fly barless to the vbar. I plan on setting it up as a standard airplane with aileron, elevator, and rudder functions and I assuming the pitch function will be coordinated with the 3 servos in the vbar setup software?

    Also, does it make sense to maximize the travel for each control before using the vbar setup software in order to maximize resolution? Or does it make no difference? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Hello, I'm a new member to this forum as well as a new Core/Powerbox customer and couldn't be happier with my experience thus far. I've just finished a Carf Eurosport and will hopefully be doing a maiden as soon as I decide on some basic Gyro settings. I have installed the igyro/gps it in a 30% Extra as a test bed plus I own several other thrust vectoring jets and have experience with the Aura and Demon. However, I'm really looking for to the igyro sat/gps combo in the Eurosport and figured it was worth asking if someone has a basic template they use as a starting point( gains for each axis including thrust vectoring etc).

    I know everyone's settings will be personalized in the long run. However, I thought it may also be beneficial to myself and others to maybe have a thread for people to share igyro settings. If everyone had a place to list the manufacturer/name of the aircraft followed by a few pictures of settings could be very beneficial for setting up new models as well as comparing settings and flight performance to others. If something like this already exist please disregard. I've tried the search function but nothing similar popped up. Cheers ?