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    a few weeks ago i did charge them,but due to circumstances i did not go flying.

    today i saw that the led of 1 battery was shining red and the other battery was blinking red.

    They were not charging or connected to a user....Is it normal that the led comes on?

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    Yesterday i wanted to charge my powerpack pro's for the first time this year to go flying.

    I saw that on the last flight of last year,i forgot to pull out the connector of my powerpack pro's out of my Powerbox SRS Cocpit.

    I assume they were drained completely.

    I plugged in the charging cables and they started charging (red LED)and when i checked on them 1:30h later ,the LED's was simply not lit.

    So i plugged them out and in again and the started charging again.After 2 hours or so Both leds were green and there voltage were both arround 8.15V.

    Is it safe to continue using these powerpacks or don't you recomend that?

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    In the manual it says that in order to see if the battery is still ok you have to discharge the battery till 3v per cell.

    Does this mean i have to discharge the battery till 6v as i can't connect a balancer to it?

    This way i can see how much mah comes out of the battery before it is on 80%


    i replaced my 2 old powerbox lipos in my 3.03m christen eagle wit 2 X powerpak 2.5X Pro lipos.

    I fully charged them the evening before i went flying and the morning before i went flying i plugged them in once again until the leds changed from red to green.

    They are connected with a powerbox competition srs.

    I also did build in a powerbox smokepump wich takes its current from the powerbox.

    After the first flight (8min) i saw that the voltage shown on the powerbox was arround 7.8V for the 2 lipos.

    In that first flight i used the smokepump for the first time ever.

    For the second flight i didn't use the smokepump as i was affraid why the lipos were yet at 7.8V

    After the second flight 1 lipo was at 7.6V and the other on 7.4V.

    A third time a didn't dare to fly.

    Is decrease in Voltage normal?Does the pump take so much in standby?

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    Build in the powerbox again,and there is no sign off the previous mentioned behaviour.
    So,thank you for solving the problem.I would have never tought of that being the cause!!!

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    Never heard of the speed switching on receivers.
    I looked up the manual and tried it to change the speedmode.
    I already build out the powerbox out of the plane,so I connected some servo's to it and now everythings seems to work fine!!!!
    Hopefully tomorrow when I rebuild it back into the plane everything still works ok.(if not,i'm sure the problem is not with the powerbox,but somewhere in the plane)
    So I thank you very much for solving my problem!

    Please read my previous post concerning the RX %.
    Is it normal they don't go to 0% right away when turning off the transmitter?

    Many thanks and greetings,

    I did it exactly as described.Only in my case I set the f/s to +100%(example:-100%)
    I problem stays on A-B and C channel,and now on both batteries/receivers.The other channels are fine.
    When I switch on the powerbox and the transmitter is off,both RX are at 0%
    Then when I switch on the transmitter they both are going to 100%
    The other way round,when they both are on RX is 100%
    When I turn off the transmitter both RXes are counting down(first rapidly ,then slowly)
    I didn't see them go all the way down to 0%
    When I switch the transmitter back on they start to count up again(They dont go straight to 100%)

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    I have some more questions :|
    my setup is as follows.
    From both receivers the ch 1 output goes to the C input.(for matching 2 aileron servos)
    From both receivers the ch 2 output goes to the B input(for matching 2 elevator servos)
    From both receivers the ch 3 output goes to the ch1 input
    From both receivers the ch 4 output goes to the ch2 input
    From both receivers the ch 5 output goes to the A input.(for matching 2 aileron servos)
    6 to 6
    7 to 7
    I now use both ch 10 for F/S

    Can this be the problem?

    Or perhaps yesterday when the set button was sticking in,perhaps the battery input changed without my knowledge.
    I checked this by holding the set button when all was turned on.Waiting untill red led went out.
    When the LED goes on 1 more time I release the button

    I'm sorry for the whole lot of tekst,but I try to explain the problem as accurate as I can.

    I'm using r6014hs receivers.
    I'm using 7 channels to operate the Pitts
    The ch8's I connected with the FS1 and 2
    I programmed in my t12fg for ch 8 function as aux7(no switch or channel assigned to ch8)
    In the failsafemenu i put F/S on and output to 100%.
    The batteryf/s I tried aswel as on and off.

    I thought I found it....The problem existed only with 1 receiver.
    When I plugged out receiver 2 and let receiver 1 plugged in everything worked fine.
    When I plugged out receiver 2 and plugged receiver 1 in rx 2 and left rx1 empty,everything worked fine.
    When I plug out receiver 1 and let receiver 2 plugged in the problem was there again......

    So I have an spare receiver on that shelve also and I replaced receiver 2 with a new one.
    Everything now worked fine until I wanted to shut down the receivers.
    I did shut off battery one without problem,Battery 2 wouldn't shutt off.
    I saw that the "set" button on the on/off switch was stuck inside.So I wasn't able to shut down the receivers
    So it took me a minute untill I was able to switch of the receivers.
    I replaced the on/off switch with the new one .(I did leave the old one installed)
    When I turned on the receivers again the problem was there again.
    Every time I turn on battery 2 the servos from channel B start to flip and jitter,the other ones stay on there place.
    The jitter and flipping only starts when I release the set button.
    For exemple,when I switch on the system i hold the set button and when the led burns i push the battery 2 button.
    everything works fine when I keep the set button pushed,the jittering and flipping satarts when I release the set button.

    When I then launch batt 1 the problem stays.
    In the opposite order(1st batt 1 and then 2)there is no problem untill i shutt down batt 1

    something else,is it normal when i switch off 1 bat there is Always 1 receiver who goes from 100% to 0% or starts to count down very fast.
    I tought the system is battery redundant?

    Can somebody please help me?

    Some things I forgot to mention.
    Everything worked fine in the Pitts for several years,but lately I had a few time jitter on the aileron servos from time to time when powering up.
    So to make sure I build in the "NEW" powerbox I had sitting on the shelve here.

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    More than a year ago I bought this champion rrs from powerbox at a fair.
    I wanted to use it in a model I liked to build.
    But through circumstances the model didn't came so the powerbox rested on the shelve.
    I also owned a EMWH Pitts with a build in 40/24 powerbox and seperate rrs system.
    Because I have some doubts about the rrs that's build in the Pitts I went along and build in the new champion rrs.
    Now I have some problem with it.
    When I switch on with the battery 1 first every servo on the Pitts starts to jitter and some on full deflection.
    When I ower up on battery 2 first everything works normal.
    I also switched the batterys from one side to the other but the problem stays the same.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    So it is the receiver wich converts the fasst signal from the transmitter to an s-bus signal.
    Then the powerbox converts it again in the 11 available channels of the cockpit srs?

    So there is no advantage in buying r6208sb wich costs double from the r6203sb.
    In combination with the cockpit srs you can use 11 channels with both of them.

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    I want to use cockpit srs for 3 reasons.
    I want double receivers-I want double battery-I need the Doorsequencer
    But before I buy it I have to be sure it works with my transmitter.
    I own a t12fg.When I look on the futabawebsite I see that the s-bus receivers work with the t12fg transmitter.
    But when I telephone my store they tell me the receivers are working with the T12fg,but only in a conventionel way.
    This means you have to use the channel outputs of the receivers and not the s-bus output.
    So I think when this is true,I won't be able to use the cockpit srs.

    Is this false or true?

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