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    I don´t understand what you are trying to do.

    If the servos are matched in the Champion - there is nothing to do here. You have in the radio only one channel for the left, and one for the right side.

    You must make one function for each of this two channels

    Richard, I do have a few more questions now. So if I assign both the left and right ailerons as seperate functions, how do you go about mixes? Like the Rudder/Aileron mix for Knife Edge coupling. I noticed that I can only assign one aileron function to the rudder and not both at the same time. I was also wondering about Dual Rates/Expo setup. Is there any way to adjust both aileron functions at the same time just like when they were together under the same function? It looks like they have to be adjusted seperately when they are seperate functions.

    I think that the Aileron Differential Menu in the next update will be the best option as it will keep things simple. Especially because of mixings and dual rates/expo. I'm excited for that new feature!

    So you have to create 2 Functions: 1 for right Aileron an€ 1 for left Aileron.

    Then you can adjust the Curves for Left and Right seperately

    OK I see. Now the question is can I transfer one of these servos to a new function? Like for example keep servo 1 where its at, create a new function called Aileron Right and transfer servo 6 to the new function with all of the same exact values like end point/center. The reason why I ask this is because, servo 6 is already setup with end points and the two other servos on this wing are matched using the powerbox champion. I'd like to keep all of the same center/end point values. Unless if its easier to simply create a new function, add a servo and simply input the same values from the original function and delete the old servo once your done. Let me know what you think. Richard, I'd also like to hear what you would recommend doing in this particular setup.

    I got into the setup menu. However when I hit the curve editor. It looks as if it only applies to the entire aileron function, not left and right aileron separately. I have channels 1 and 6 assigned to the aileron function. 1 is the left aileron and 6 is the right aileron. I need to be able to adjust the differential on each aileron seperately. I've attached a few photos of how my functions/servos are assigned so that might help you out.


    I'm looking to find out the easiest way to setup the aileron Differential in the PowerBox core. The wings have 3 servos each and are on 2 separate channels. (1 for left and the other for right). The servos were matched in the champion SRS to have equal max throw in both directions on both ailerons. I know that the differential can be adjusted in the end point setup but I'd prefer to have each differential setup for each dual rate that I have. I have 3 dual rates and would prefer to have 3 different values of aileron Differential.

    Thank you for the response! I was able to copy the files into the Receiver folder successfully. The only thing I'm wondering right now is should I delete the old versions of the receiver files? I've got V2.7 in this folder as well so should I delete all of the 2.7 files?

    I downloaded the most recent receiver update 2.9 today. I downloaded them to a USB Memory Stick. Richard mentioned to upload them to the Core using the file manager. I don't know exactly how to do this. Could anyone help me out step by step on doing this? I also don't know what do to after they are uploaded. Do I just hit update receiver in the settings menu and the Core will do the rest? I searched this topic but can't find much information on updating the receivers via the Core radio.

    Do you think by updating the second controller, that will fix the issue? Maybe I'm setting the Framerate incorrectly? It's at 12ms maybe it should be the default 18ms? I really don't know what else could be the issue. Unless if holding the core too close to the receivers is causing the problem. I however usually keeping the radio about 2 meters away from the receivers so I don't know.

    I'm working on a new airplane with the latest Champion SRS. It's got 2 PBR-26D receivers installed. I've been programming the servos and I've been leaving the airplane and the CORE radio turned on for 1-2 hours at a time while I program the servos. I've noticed that every 10-15 minutes, the servos will jump a few millimeters and return back to normal. This happens in about a fraction of a second but is noticeable. Even the Sparkswitch LED turns off and then back on while the servos do the very quick but subtle jump. Again the jump is minimal but shouldn't be happening at all. I don't move the sticks around all at when this happens. It just seems to be random when these servos Jump. My version of the Champion is version 10 and both receivers are connected to P2Bus with one having a Y harness to the telemetry port. The Champion SRS is set to P2Bus and I've got the Framerate set to 12ms in both the Core and the Champion. I've tried 15ms and 18ms and I don't think that makes any difference as the servos have jumped on all three Framerate settings. The Core's version is the one before today's update that just came out. I'll get that updated here very soon. However, I've got no idea what causing these servos to do a quick jump along with the Sparkswitch turning off for a fraction of a second. I've searched the forums but can't find anyone else with a similar problem. Looking to get as much help as possible with this matter.

    Well I think I figured it out. I moved both the RX cables from P2Bus to Fast track data. I used a separate lead from P2Bus in 1 receiver to the telemetry port in the champion. This was done just like Richard said for the older Royals in compatibility mode on the PowerBox forums. I changed the system from P2Bus to S.Bus and matched the Framerate for both receivers in the CORE to 18ms and 18ms in the champion SRS. And boom, everything works excellent right now! My champion is 3+ years old way before the core came out and that's why it wasn't working with P2Bus. My next Champion was purchased about 6 months ago so that should work with P2Bus.

    Hello Richard,

    Sorry for the wrong labelling. It is version 10 which I have updated. Both receivers are connected to the P2Bus ports and go to RX1/2. One receiver has a Y-Lead to the telemetry port in the Champion.

    The Champion is set to P2Bus S.Bus, again P2Bus S.Bus is the only option that I've selected. Don't get confused with the S.Bus option. That is a totally separate setting which I don't have it set to that.

    Here is a comparison of my Champion SRS settings and CORE settings. This was before the reset of my Champion SRS. I plan on re-doing everything the same way if I can get rid of the twitching. Again, resetting the Champion SRS had no effect on the servo twitching. Deleting and making a new model also had no effect on the twitching/jerking of all servos in the plane.

    Champion SRS:

    Throttle: Channel # 3, Port - B

    Choke: Channel # 10

    SparkSwitch: Channel # 9

    Smoke Pump: Channel # 11, Port - C

    Left Aileron, Channel # 1

    lnboard Servo: Port - S

    Middle Servo: Port - T

    Outboard Servo: Port - W

    Right Aileron, Channel # 6

    lnboard Servo: Port - H

    Middle Servo: Port - G

    Outboard Servo: Port - D

    Rudder, Channel # 4

    Top Servo: Port - L

    Bottom Servo (Master Servo): Port - K

    Elevator: Channel # 2

    Left Elevator: Port - P

    Right Elevator: Port - O


    Aileron Left - Servo 1

    Aileron Right - Servo 6

    Elevator - Servo 2

    Rudder - Servo 4

    Throttle - Servo 3

    Choke - Servo 10

    SparkSwitch - Servo 9

    Smoke Pump - Servo 11

    I will also add that the servos aren't responding precisely with my stick movements either. For example, when I move the rudder stick on the Core, the rudder servo will jump to the left if I move the rudder stick left but will jerk/twitch/jump afterwards and do its own movements and vise versa for right rudder.