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    I think it is fantastic that PowerBox is offering the Atom system.

    This will provide another option to those pilots not needing all the specs of the Core. It seems silly this is even being discussed by price ponit: Go buy a $400 radio. The discussion should be by the features being offered and what you need. Of course if you can afford this amount money for your hobby.

    The way I look at my radio system:::: this is the heart of your hobby and controls all of your projects big and small. I look for the safety, reliability and features being offered. I am not going to fly a 10K jet with a $400 radio made to a cheapest price point



    yes, there has been some new updates and it always best to uninstall the old version first


    Reviewing your Core log files in PowerBox Terminal using the P2-Analyzer:

    I believe you can select up to 5 items from the drop down list of sensors in your log file,

    open the data file, then from the list menu, select one sensor and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard. now select another sensor until you reach your limit or the sensors you would like to compare click on the run button.

    now all the sensors you have secluded will be displayed in the graph. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the data on the graph.

    hope this helps


    I wonder if you can run the (RX) recovery mode from your Core radio and see if this repairs your receiver binding problem? make sure you only have this receiver connected when you try it.


    How do I copy model files? To a USB or can you connect a Micro USB cable to the radio and copy direct to your PC?


    The only way I have done this is by using the USB drive. The easy way is to have the model loaded and put your USB drive in the radio slot and tap export. that is all you need for one model file. If you want to backup all of them, go to file manager and navigate to the model folder on the left side, then tap on the folder to see all your models. On the right side, open up your USB media folder in my screenshots. Just tap on one of the models to highlight it and copy it to the right side.


    Thanks for that. That’s what I did and when I go to select the trim control I get the screens above

    does servo 6 have +100&-100 travel assigned to it? I have setup the nose steering channel and forgot to add the throw %


    Can you see travel movement on servo 6 in the servo monitor screen? Sounds like no travel throw for that servo? +100 -100. If the core is showing travel movement, then it would be in the mercury settings


    The receiver updates were included with the last V2.65 which makes it very easy to update.

    Since Powerbox activated Wi-fi in the Core, using the USB drive is now the alternative method to use.


    Yes I understand that, as I stated, in the pics I did not have the rx powered on but yesterday when I did it would not show information for the core or the connected sensors. The screen looked as if nothing was connected like the pics above, but the model did still function. I just went out and powered on the model so I could get the exact pics to show you but it worked fine this time. I could not get anything to come up yesterday and no sensors to show or the core battery info. I guess it fixed itself. If it happens again I will get the correct pics. Figures now that im at home and not at the field it worked just fine.

    Okay, I guess I missed that in your description. I have found that if the sensors are not responding I will just rescan them. Now with latest FW they automatically rescan by default.

    Hope you have resolved the problem


    The Core sensors and other RX sensors will only populate the screen after you have connected to your RX (powered on). Once you are connected these are all live until you power off the RX again. Then the last values are displayed while blinking and the Core sensors remain working until the Core is powered off


    Richard said to push the bind button in while plugging into your powered pioneer RX input port. then do this for both receivers.... then bind your transmitter

    I see you don't get any leds to light up. But there is a procedure step that you missed.



    You can change the ch assignment for the capacity reset using the pioneer menu. But please note, this will take one of your usable channels from the 14 PWM available.

    hope this helps you


    Good morning RichJ53,

    Thank you RichJ53 that is exactly how I did it and I also used a momentary button! I have lots to discover and understand and once I know how to program it, it’s quite a joy to do.

    Best Regards!

    Good morning Michel

    The funny thing as I saw you’re post yesterday and I had to turn on my Core to get the screen shots. :)

    By the time I uploaded the photos, you already posted that you figured it out !

    Glad you got it working


    Yes you setup widgets that are under the Pioneer menu for battery voltage, current etc. I had this photo on my phone to share the widgets on my screen

    You can set up this information on both batteries. My widgets rotate between each pack as in this shot showing only batt2

    The pioneer only counts the used battery capacity it won’t tell you how much is in the packs!

    You can tell the state of charge by the cell voltage.