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    I have a mercury SRS with an SBUS2 teleconverter.

    I would like to install the unit without the display, but when I disconnect the display from the PowerBox, I stop receiving telemetry data (all values are zero).

    Must I have the display connected in order to get telemetry data on the teleconvertor??


    Last few questions please:

    1. does it balance between the two batteries used?

    2. does it clean the signal goes to the servos (like mercury srs)?

    3. does it protect against servo short?

    [ On a 120cc Yak I had a servo bind that melted the servo wires, but with the mercury I saved the plane :) ]

    Thank you!

    Hi friends,

    From my experience, on large 3D models with high-voltage high torque digital servos it is necessary to add capacitors to get maximum performance from the servos.

    If using a BEC or Powerbox product with built-in voltage regulators (I use Mercury SRS) there is no need for that as it has built-in capacitors.

    1) I understand that the Pioneer has no regulators, but does it have built-in capacitors?

    2) Will it handle hard 3D flying on a model with x7 Savox-2290 servos (HV 50kg Torque)?