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    yes that is what I did already.

    Shaking the model and my ear next to servo and trying to hear when it is quiet and when not.

    Could it be possible to add gain information to terminal as with your other gyros please?

    Above method leaves some margin for error if your hearing is not perfect anymore.

    Pioneer with iGyro SAT + GPS III and Futaba SBUS2 receiver.

    When using usb cable and terminal there is no selectable airspeed factor available? Why?

    With Pioneer no master gain visible at terminal like with iGyro3extra. Why?

    How master gain setting can be seen/confirmed if it's not visible in terminal?

    Especially because PowerBox 0-gain is not the same as Futaba 0% "center position" as issues with iGyro3extra.

    So, how to see when gyro is really off or what gain % is selected at all?

    Some brushless servos (example Hitec premium servo HSB-9360TH) has reverse current what shoud go to batterys but is this possible with Pioneer?

    Pioneer seems to have design what is blocking this?

    So should separate capasitors be used in parallel with servos to buffer reverse current?


    you only need a Y-harness for connecting GPSIII and iGyroSat to the Pioneer. When did you purchase this Pioneer?

    Should there be some special cable (or Y-harness) included? I received yesterday Pioneer+Sat+GPSIII and no cable was included.