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    Hello Thanks for your interest, all 3 main channels lose the set of trims and when the system is switched on they give the blow and then return to zero, unfortunately I cannot check the throttle.


    Hi, I don't understand where I'm wrong!

    I have two Champion srs that I use on two different models with the same IX20 radio from the spektrum.

    I have been using one since 2015 with some "old style" 6 volt digital servos, probably low working frequency, and on this model I never had any problems.

    The other I have been using for a year, I use digital servos at 7.4 volts, mks, and Blu Birds and Jr, from what I have read the working frequency of the servos is higher, here I have some variations of the trim setup at every flight, even after a few figures, like snap. I checked the hardware everything is perfectly ok, on the ground during the tests everything always returns to the center, then in flight something changes, but not in all flights .. I don't understand what is happening and where or wrong.

    I also noticed another difference between the two control units during ignition. the older one when you turn on the servos remain stationary in the neutral position, in the new one when you turn on the servos move into a position with a blow, and then return to center. What do you think I should do, is it a frame setup problem or something else? do you have any advice!

    I replaced the 9 coreless digital servos in my maxi model with 9 Brushless servos. I use a Powerbox Champion srs and power the servos at 5.9 volts. Now I find myself with a model that when it turns no longer fits trimmed in the same way. Do you think I have to power the servos at 7.4 volts to solve the problem, or the problem lies in the quality of the servos I use?