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    I am a brand new Core convert and am currently migrating my models from Futaba to the Core. I'm absolutely loving the ease of programming this radio, especially using the Flight Modes, it is fantastic, thankyou PowerBox!

    My apologies if my question has already been asked. I have searched the forum and see that there are several questions in relation to the demo model and the possibility of listing models in a user defined order.

    The current workaround for the model name list order is to manually add in a character at the beginning of the model name to force the position in the list.

    Would it be possible for consideration to include a hidden mask of numeric digits that could then provide the list order. These hidden characters could be auto generated by the Core and count up from 000 to however many model memories the Core can manage.

    Could functionality be provided for the user to move the models position in a list using the menu with an up/down arrow? When the model moves position, the core could then apply the hidden characters when the user positions the model name in the list. The demo model could then be moved to the end of the list order if the user chooses?

    Regards and thanks again!