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    Perhaps my English was not clear..... :( Please aknowleadge that I can not adjust the servo center mechanically because it's impossible to center the servo arm.
    Pratically, your suggested METHOD-4 is IDENTICAL to my METHOD-2 (even if explained in different manner), therfore the solution is: adjust servo arm center position via Powerbox.

    I would like to receive a more articulated reply from your side. Ok, thanks in any case

    I’m wondering which are the correct steps to align the servo arm into CENTER considering a complex system made by PowerBox Competition + Transmitter + Hitec 7954 programmable servos.
    First of all I’ve placed the servo arm on the servo as close to 90 degrees as possible, but it's still a few degrees off. This is the starting point!

    Now I have several options to achieve a 90 deg aligned arm on servos:

    -Programming the subtrim in my Tx to obtain the MASTER servo arm centered
    -Teaching the Tx center position in PB.
    - Proceeding with servo matching (without modifying the Middle value for the MASTER servo) adjusting the Middle value for SLAVE servo only.
    -Complete the PB setup for programming end points for matching channel

    -No Tx subtrim (subtrim=0)
    -Teaching the center position in PB (servo arm still misaligned)
    -Proceeding with servo matching setup in PB to obtain 90° aligned arm in MASTER and SLAVE servos.

    -No Tx subtrim (subtrim=0)
    -Teaching the center position in PB (servo arm still misaligned)
    -Programming Hitec digital servo to obtain a servo arm perfectly aligned
    -Complete the PB setup for programming L/H end points only for matching channel

    Which is the Powerbox recommended procedure ?

    Thanks in advance, regards

    I ned to set-up my new PB Competition in my 35% Extra with following devices:
    PB competition programmed for 7,4V
    Rx futaba 6208 (powered by PB @ 7,4V)
    HV digital servos Hitec 7954SH (powered by PB @ 7,4V), two on each ailerion, one for each stab and one for rudder.

    The Rx should be set at "High speed mode" (I believe) because I'm using digital servo (even if not Futaba brands). Is this correct ?

    Ok, as Hitec does not declare the recomended servo frame rates, my question is: which is the correct frame rate to be set on PB to avoid servo performance decreasing and, in the same time, to avoid servo overclocking with a too high frame rate. What can you suggest as starting point value ?

    Thanks in advance


    Not yet installed, just bought it to install it in a new model (still in construction). What type of problem should I notice in my Sparkswitch ? Do you have a test procedure that I can follow to verify if it works or not ?
    Moreover, in my personal opinion is not correct that a PB official delear sell an electrconic device that MUST be upgraded to working properly. PB should retire these obsolete version from the market.

    Thanks in advance, regards

    I've just purchased a PB Competition from Italian Dealer (C&C Models) and I have seen on packing box that the version is 2010 therefore I'm afraid the mine is an older version respect to the "new version" declared on this web site.
    Could you please explain what does it mean "new version" respect the 2010 version ?