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    Great.. I just some how missed the Flight video #3 , I see now that my method locked me into not being able to move to the next line. :arrow:

    thanks !

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    Dyno Don

    I can't seem to add an additional Flight mode?

    I currently have 4:

    (Flight Modes From left to right on bottom the tree ;)

    1st Flight mode on left stick "Land"

    2nd Flight mode "Cruse" using aThree position Switch "Center"

    3rd Flight mode "Speed" same three position switch- "Up"

    4th Flight mode "Thermal" same three position Switch - "Dwn"

    can"t seem to successfully add another flight mode ?

    I can assign another two position switch label it but cant seem to activate it ??

    I know this is operator error , but I cant read anywhere how to correct it? X(

    I reprogramed everything and things are running fine. I must have currupted something somewhere. Not going to try to use another receiver .

    Thanks ,Need to read-up on how to import files from the USB stick .




    1. I finish programming my radio and make a copy .

    2. When restart the radio , rebind to another receiver ( same 9 channel type) and load the "copied" program most of the settings /throws are not set right or reversed ?

    not sure why this happens ?

    Thanks in advance


    I keep losing my model program settings after I switch to another model. When I return to my original model the saved settings are changed.?? What do I do ? :(