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    What is worth what is up to the viewer. If the want the best by a Core transmitter. If you can do with the second best, by the Atom. I belive that every pilot has his own resons to maka a lot of choses when it comes to his modellairplanes. I have seen expensive airplanes flown with cheep transmitters and the opposite. I fly pattern modelles and have chosen the core for reliability and ergonoic resons. I do not belive that i need the high resulution or facy gadgets the Core can offer. But i bougth one anyway and i love it. I wont fly any better ore worse with the Atom. But i do belive that the more Atoms that are sold - the better fore us Core owners.

    I fly F3A with a Core transmitter, try version. I like it very much. God "stickfeel", every switch are were its sopose to be and "programming" is very simple and strait forward. There are one thing thougt. If you have big hands, one can find the tryversion, kid of small. For me, with "medium" hands it works fine.

    It was a plan, and i faild misserable. Yesterday, third flight the transmitter yet again came to 2 percent, timeout and ”badstart” ”modellerror”. Restarts did not solved the problem. Now the transmitter refused to start the ”modell”. I sadly have to ship the transmitter to PB.

    I really like the transmitter, ”stickfeel” and ergonomic layout and I do hope for a swift turnaround.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    The problem does not occurs more then about every tenth somthing startup. I preffer to keep the transmitter during the 2021 flying season. ( I want to fly as much as posseble J) If the problem remains I ship the transmitter to you in the autumn. If the problem gets worse I will ship the transmitter to you immidiately.

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    Edvard Käll


    I have purchased the PB-core transmitter with the ”add-on Core to M Link module.

    I have done about 40 flights, of which 30 was F3A practice flights with the transmitter . Overall it works just fine.

    There are unfortuntly two problems that occors sporadically.


    The “model” does not start when powering up the transmitter. It comes to 2 percent and then it timeouts. I have to restart the transmitter – chose the model – and i´m god to go again.


    The transmitter does not find the receiver after startupp. I have to restart the transmitter and – it works again.

    Why does the problem occor – and what can I do to prevent them from occoring?

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    Edvard Käll