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    I've just reviewed the manual again, and in no section does it prohibit operation without oil. How does the pump cope with running out of fluid in-flight?

    The start-up was an attempt to get the radio tie-in working, followed by nozzle set-up where it fully failed. The pump would not respond until reaching approx 30% on the transmitter. How does one perform a setup without spraying smoke fluid everywhere?

    Do I need to trash this pump now or is there something that can be done to get it moving again?

    I've recently bought the 8015 two-outlet smoke pump from Tower Hobbies. I've just hooked it up and plugged it in for the first time, and it appears to failed right out of the box.

    2S LiFe battery freshly charged, brand new tubing, and only removed the inlet/outlet protectors moments before hookup, so contamination is unlikely.

    Pump started out at high rate, then quickly slowed down and stopped at full setting on transmitter (30 seconds). Now will not turn at all. Is this thing toast? What steps can I take to investigate?