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    what do you have the control throw set to in your CORE? i had some servos installed in a plane what were working and the throw was set to something like 120-worked fine. then i did some adjusting and i think i set them to 128 or 127, and then they could be over powered by hand. i set them below 125 (this is fuzzy memory and after 2 beers-sorry, its been a long day of work) and then they worked fine. it was having the throw greater than a certain value on a mercury using JR 8955 servos. no problem with the Mercury-or the CORE or the JR's.

    not sure this is helpful but work a check. set them to 100 and see what happens.

    so i just found my Unisense-E that i purchased 2 years ago. i have to dig up the manual but can someone tell me where the two RC style connectors get plugged into the Power Box systems to get the MAH and voltage down to the CORE?



    Does that mean I killed the two new SATs? I was using a battery and a Y and a USB cable.

    What can I do to use one of these SATs? This is related to my Pioneer thread.

    It is/was connected to the Pioneer via the Pioneer FastTrac port. I was using an existing widget for a receiver. So I need to set up a new widget and scan for new sensors and the pioneer will show up as a device? If not can I connect the SAT to a receiver instead of the pioneer fast track?

    Trying to update SAT to latest version. It looks like i have version 1.0

    tried with new Terminal program just downloaded 9/9/21 v3.2.3 and with BlueCom adaptor.

    with Terminal it says that an error occured during update. same message using online update or file on laptop that was downloaded with Terminal v.3.2.3.

    dont know if this is why i cannot have my CORE talk to the SAT via the Pioneer.


    Thank you Adam. I got it to bind after I realized I had the cable going into the 9D reversed and since I had the polarity correct on the 26 D ( the 9D is kind of buried so I could not see the ground and signal) so now all is bound.

    I have the GPS 3 and SAT on a Y ans plugged into the Fast Trac input with the white signal wire up. The GPS is doing a steady green light blink. I am trying to activate the SAT and set the output type to FasTrac and assigned the ailerons elevators and rudder in the SAT menu on the CORE

    the plane appears to be taking the changes as it “twitches” when a change is processed

    When I get to the “activate gyro” and click on it nothing happens. It still shows not activated.

    I tried just the SAT with no Y and tries a NIB SAT and still cannot activate the SAT

    Suggestions please.

    Richard, the 1st thing i did was to remove all receivers, then try to bind them again. no luck and no light on the 26D, also tried a new 26D, same result. Pioneer only sees the 9D.

    I did an Pioneer update last night. Still only wants to bind the 9D. Tried new 26D, new cables.

    the only thing i can think of is to do a factory reset on the Pioneer, if that is an option, and try again.

    i even tried a previous test only model same result. it is as if once the Pioneer sees and binds to a 9D, it doesn't like any other receiver except one!


    Hello Richard

    I changed out my old Champion which was running an original iGyro (blue case with display on the iGyro) after a few flights today were the gyro seemed very twitchy-it was also very windy.

    so, in a Extreme Flight Extra 91", now have.


    9D on RX2 with P2Bus connection

    26D on RX1 with P2Bus connection

    GPS III and iGyro SAT y connector into Fast Track

    the 9D and 26D were at version 2.5

    the CORE is 2.65

    these RX were the same one working today-so that i think is still ok.

    now, when ever i try to bind the 26D, it will not light up. doesn't matter if it is plugged into RX 1 or RX2. i even tried a new 26D and a new patch cable. no luck.

    9D binds fine. when i have tried to power on the 2nd RX (the 26D) to bind in an open channel, the CORE says i already have something bound on A (or B) and switches the 9D to the other channel.

    The 26D never turns on.

    i was planning on flying Friday-but after i pulled everything out of the plane, i don't want to change out the Pioneer for something else (Mercury or Competition SRII is what i have lying around).

    i have not done any updating-should i do that next?

    also, when i looked at SW versions, it showed 2.5 on the 9D but 0.0 on the channel where the 26D was plugged in.




    I searched the threads but didn’t find it

    I have a plane with ailerons only (Wraith and F-16) and thrust vectoring.

    Do I select TV in the CORE and leave the Mercury to “normal” airplane type or do I select Delta + TV in the Mercury and leave the CORE as “normal”

    I would like ailerons to also act as flaps and the elevators to also be tailerons. And ability to adjust the elevators and ailerons independently and not ganged.

    Are there any video tutorials for this? Thanks

    ok, thank you.

    I was trying to save some space on my component board, that's why i was thinking about the Pioneer.

    so, for my setup-

    With ailerons sometime acting also as flaps and wanting to keep the gyro function on the physical surfaces that look like ailerons but will sometimes also act as flaps, and have a separate gyro on the TV.

    I want to be able to turn on the TV gyro function (i think this is correct) to be maximum if i want to hover or high alpha flight, but also select, independently of the TV, the gyro function on the control surfaces.

    That would only be possible with a Royal? I cannot put the SAT on the Mercury?

    Hello Richard

    overthinking the options to have separate gyro on the thrust vectoring and a separate gyro on the control surfaces. There are elevator rudder and aileron and want gyro on ailerons when using ailerons as flaps.

    Ive been instructed I can use Royal and a SAT (SAT on surfaces and Royal gyro on TV so that gyro keeps working as ailerons turn into flaps) but I can’t do that with Mercury.

    Can I put 2 SAT on the Pioneer?

    Thank you

    Scott I had the same thing on my Wraith. I was ready to swap servos (8911 BL HV ) but tried a a clean new model with the default 50% and the were rock steady. I went back to the old model and went below 123 and all was good.