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    Yes, thank you guys, its something I must have set in the Mercury some months ago. This is the first time I have worked with the Core /Mercury combination, endless possibilities !

    I am still learning !

    No, I have one function aileron, with servos 6 and 1.

    I am trying to adjust each the servo output on that function.

    I have flaps on one function with 4 servos allocated, each servo is adjustable to perfection..

    Fairly sure its not a Core issue, something I have set in the Mercury !


    I have just finished setting up my Sea Fury, 4 sections of flap. All perfect. 2 26 rxs into a Mercury.

    I have ailerons on outputs 1 and 6.

    In servo adjust BOTH servos are responding to adjustments of servo one but changes entered for servo 6 have no effect.

    Other models respond OK.

    I an sure I have done something wrong but cant. Work out what !

    Any suggestions please.

    Hi Alan,

    yes I did, this is the first time I have updated two receivers connected to a Powerbox.

    Richard says not to do this, disconnect one, update that connected , then reverse the process.

    We are learning !


    Interesting post.

    I have 2.65 on my Core.

    2 x 26 receivers into a Mercury in my AirWorld Sea Fury with Moki 250.

    Updated rx 1 from the Core , no problem.

    Rx 2 then showed steady red light, no connection or binding to Core possible.

    Updated rx 2 via Terminal and USB, rx back to normal with latest software . Perfect.

    My Core continues to work perfectly, the more I explore the more I discover !

    As confirmed by Richard is correct. My mistake, I thought an auto switch off was set, but it is just a warning that the transmitter has been on for a length of time without being operated. Normally when this happens to me I just move one of the controls and the alarm stops. Sorry for the confusion.


    Please let Richard answer the queries, he always gets it correct. No confusion needed.

    My Core is working wonderfully, it is a superb system.

    However, is there a way of checking failsafe without switching off the transmitter ?

    Here in UK we are required to demo failsafe before flying jets.I really don't want to switch off and then wait for the tx to reboot.

    I see the range check on the receiver page but just can’t find the failsafe check as on my BAT 60.

    2.45 installed this morning, great update. Test flown in my Hotliner. A word of caution.

    The quick start works very nicely and all controls become active after about 2 seconds BUT the screen is still booting.

    So don't assume that if the screen is blank its not connected to all controls, it is !

    If one is not aware of this I see a possible, just possible, problem with, say, an electric motor starting or gear retracting etc.

    Absolutely no problem, in fact a great advantage, when aware of this and a further great advance on the Core.

    May I add my good wishes too.

    For many years PowerBox has brought us the highest quality products backed by superb customer service and business ethics.

    The Core radio is a worthy addition to those products and. a system I am both pleased and proud to trust to my complex and expensive jets.

    Only the very best quality electronics get into my jets, PowerBox supplies them.

    Happy Christmas ( Frohe weinachten ) ? to the whole team.

    OK, so I set the voice announcements to call out height at value change, every 100 feet, just been out flying and works fine so I have a solution.

    Still no announcement etc from the ALARM settings

    OK, think I have a solution. Setting speech mode to call out height every 50 feet so I am warned approaching my limit.

    Have to be careful as we have a lot of helicopters overflying here which SHOULD not be below 500 feet so my alert at 400 is for real !

    I note in the manual v2.0 p22, Source, it says that in future we will get VOICE warnings activated by telemetry. Am I correct to assume that this is not yet implemented.

    My equipment all has latest software installed, but so far I cant get it to work .

    What I really need is an automatic VOICE call, alarm, of 400 feet each time I climb through it and when reaching the value of 500 feet, as I have set on the right of the alarm settings, and when descending through heights set on the left of the alarm screen, 100 and 50 feet.

    Sorry to be so slow but I have spent a lot of time trying to get this function to work !

    Sorry, Richard, don,t get that.

    On the alarms I have set vario. HEIGHT as the trigger , and always to be ON.

    The. VARIO functIon is working correctly, no alarms are set, just height.

    Climbing to and from several hundred feet triggered no alarms.

    The TELEM FULL value is PBS Vario HEIGHT and ON.

    If I select a switch with one shot I do get a height announcement when triggered but no alarms at the set height values.

    I. am trying to get an automatic height announcement passing the values I have set on the alarms page.

    Hopefully, I can get a call passing 400 feet warning me that I am approaching the 500 limit, and after descending again when climbing back up through 400 feet !

    My vario is installed in my Hotliner, 5 chanel Rx.

    As vario it works fine, vario and height readouts on screen great as are max/min values.

    I have height alarms set for 50 and 100 feet descending left values. and 400 and 500 feet climbing on the right. Alarm sounds are set to speech and sound, tried ON and same switch as switches on the Vario. Despite every effort there are no alarms triggered at these heights. Cant change setting from One Shot.

    I can set it to read height readouts by switch activation but just cant get any sound automatically via the alarm settings.

    I particularly need an alarm at 400 feet due legal restriction.

    2.20 installed so, what am I doing wrong ?

    My apologies if this issue has been addressed in German.

    Vario question.

    I have set the vario height alarms for 50 and 100 feet descending, left alarms and 400 and 500 feet climbing, right alarms.

    Alarms are set for speech and sound.

    Visual displays for height and vario are correct as are the max and min values.

    The height alarms have been tried with same switch as vario and ON but I am getting no warnings when airborne. Only One Shot is selectable, attemps to select time interval and value change have no effect. Several attempts this week on my LiftOff hotliner with 5 ch receiver.

    All software up to date.

    I have tried everything to get these warnings, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Apologies if this has already been raised, my. German is very limited !

    PS I also wish to set my V speak for G alarms and The KB electroniks IAS sensor for speed alarms, again is this possible? Both are showing values visually and on max/min values.

    Whoops, sorry didnt read the first post, no trouble with my nuts now !