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    I have PB Evolution , my question When I set up the output voltage to 7.4V for 5 ea HV servos and would like to use 2 ea standart 6V sevos, can I use 2 ea voltage regulators inbetween PB Evo and 6 V Standart servos?

    mean; set up PN Evo to 7,4V connetc 5 HV servos

    connect 2 ea standart 6V servos to this sytem CAN I USE Regulator or BEC inbetween servo and PB to step down the Voltage from 7.4 to 6 V???

    I have JR 11X radio and would like to use PB Mercury SRS my question is;

    2 jr DSMX remote receiver I had , should I connect 2 dsmx(JR) remote receiver to spectrum sattelites inputs and set as spectrum? or I have 4 ea spectrum DSMX remote receiver which I am using now on my JR Receiver, can I connect 4 ea spectrum dsmx remotes and set spectrum and start using with my JR 11X radio?


    One of my Powerbox evolution has a problem. As known there are 2 battery port on it, At the end of my ech flying date I found that one port draws much more(%40 pct about) then other port. I mean I have 2 ea 2s 7.4 V 3.500 Mah battery pack and when I charge first one takes 500 mah other one takes 700-750 mah. I checked many times , What is the problem? Battery or??



    I have noticed that one side of the rudder is not functioning or not enough movement to keep the plane straight. Let me explain , I start 4 point roll from right, 1 point plane turns right gyro keeps straight then 2nd point plane turns right ,starts flying inverted gyro keeps straight 3rd point plane turns right once more expecting the gyro keeping straight as before the 3 movements but not , there is something wrong about the rudder right signal from the gyro I feel. I have been checking this matter over 2 months at the weekend flyings no no success, on ground checking gyro positions all are ok seems rudder right movement is a little bit less then left side but couldn't succeed to increase the right side movement

    So , how should I overcome this problem?


    I have 3 igyro 3e on my gasser planes and upgraded 3 of them via bluecom adapter to V4 , afterwards normal mode and heading hold mode lights become lets say orange colour is it normal or something wrong, by the way all works fine.

    Could you please tell me how to teach endpoints with the V4 upgraded gyro?


    5 years after I have purchased my second V4 smoke pump. Start setting up my JR11X radio. Very easy , connected Aux4 channel on my JR receiver, engaged 2 position switched with -100 , +40 Travel adjust, works fine I can easily arrange the flow rate increasing the 45 travel up or down , open and close ,so my question is;

    As I understand from the manual smoke pump will shut downs itself 2 minutes after closed via the switch???in this case green light should also be closed BUT NOT.

    when I shut down the pump via 2 position switch green light remains on , does not shut down as well, only green light remains lighting pump stops, is it normal?

    because of it I arrange via using my receiver failsafe function then now when I shut down the radio signal during the pump on, it shuts off .

    Anyhow , all above normal or am I doing something wrong?


    ''seems your setings in the Terminal programm have been adjusted? One side has no heading, and the gain seems to be not the same in both elevator outputs.''

    I am lucky that I found the solution bymyself:):) saying lucky because I could not understand what you mean and how to solve the problem from your sentence.

    I connected via my terminal and updated then tried again, same problem then I made off the HD the on elevators and success, now elevator sides moving same:):): but when I put HD on same again left elevator throws less less then right and right stays up but left goes back after a limited throw.

    I hope above centence means something to you sir. But now no problem they work when HD Off.

    Bytheway could you infor what is HD and what for??


    I am using igyro 3e on my EMHW ULTIMATE gasser plane. Today I found that my left elevator moves slover then right and also moves less then right on heading mode but on normal mode left and right elevators moves same speed and same throws.

    On the ground when I check on heading mode I lift the tail up right elevator goes up and stays there but left elevator goes up a little bit then turns its zero position flat position???? I have checked the cables nothing wrong.

    What is your solution where should I check? Thks for your attention from now on:roll::roll::roll:

    ok done. Pressed the set button red light was on then pressed the 1+2 battery button on then released the set button, afterwards pressed the set button and hold again red light was on after a few second red light was flashed once then released the set button .
    I hope it was set to LiPo type?

    I have been using my evolution with LiFePo4 batteries since years , now I would like to use by LiPo battery. I switched the 2 lipo batteries,pressed the SET button and hold , red light was on but never go out during minutes, tried a few times but same. red lights on but never go out to set up the battery type.
    Am I doing something wrong? or what should ı do?

    I am getting experience flight by flight by my igyro 3e:) I have changed the double side tape with my helicopters gyro double side tapes which is much better especially for the high vibrations. Now I have wide range for the gain settings.
    I highly reccommend to change the original double side tape with the heli gyro double side tape if you are using on a gasser plane so my question is:

    I have arrange the gain settings via my bluecom adapter&transmitter, now I can fly as straight as arrow in heavy cross wind very very impressive, but when I changed to normal mode, elevators are shaking (needs to decrease the gain). Have I got the chance to set the gains in different values in each heading and normal mode via adapter? I hope I explained well?

    Is it right? My 3e gains are very very low such +8-10. If more gains means more throws what should I do to increase the gain? What I think is to try the vibration low, If I succeed to decrease the vibrations does my gain increase? Gasser planes has much much more vibrations then jet power planes.

    Woooow what a difference:):) Now my 4 point rolls are much much better and easy to do it, just a little touch needed at each direction, even if you do not touch ,only small drop downs not much.
    Knife edge flying is also much better.
    It was heavy croswing heading hold was not very successfull.:(:(
    Worst point was plane needed new gain settings:(:( Should it be normal because today was heavy crosswind? or should I make gain settings each time ?

    Great I am using it to my igyro3e every flight.

    If I would like to make each surfaces gain settings independently;
    Can I leave the bluecom adapter on and try to set up gains .That saves time otherwise after every landing I should open the cannopy put the adapter etc etc