I have now solved this. I was only tapping the right-hand screen believing this was the contents of the usb and not opening the pictures from the left-hand screen. I was dividing the screen in two left and right , the right being the usb and the left being the Internal card. Now I understand it is a transfer screen and all info is based on the left side, both card + usb

    Thank you for your time



    I have tried many times with different folder placements to get this to work but have failed.

    So I enclose photos of the usb stick file structure and a screenshot of the tx . If I try to double tap COREUPDATE on the right-hand screen nothing happens and I cannot move forward to choose the photo. All of this is after I have selected the model had the list appear on the left of screen then tapped image.

    All photos are 215 x 100 pixels

    Perhaps you can spot the obvious mistake




    I sold this set up a few days ago to the Futaba owner who uses P/bow regularly.

    He tells me he is having trouble getting his Futaba rxs to bind with the Royal.

    Can you just clarify the settings for the rx and Royal please and is there any issue you can think of that might cause this issue please.




    I have to apologize and take the blame here its my fault !!!!

    A flying friend visited today and I told him of my problems and he battled for 1 1/2 hours with the same problems. Then he started checking all the settings, especially in the input mapping menu. he did this very thoroughly.

    This plane was not originally put together by me and some leads to servos/ Pioneer were a little short. So plugged it to the best way for not straining the servo wires/plugs. This meant that many servo inputs were not my traditional and usual plug sequence.

    Normally I would always put the rudder on plug 4.

    In this instance, it was put to plug 7 !!!! So my mind never imagined that rudder would be on anything other than plug 4.

    So result is that the gyro was looking for rudder on plug 4 in the input mapping BUT it was plugged to input 7

    I am man enough to admit my mistake and stupid that it was I aplogise for wasting you valuable time.

    Regards and once again sorry, we learn something eveyrday


    Richard thank you for the reply:

    I normally as in the past with the other four units for teaching ends points done as follows:

    1. Press right hand set of two arrows with stylis, it says aileron right in red I move the stick to the max right being careful not to mix elevator axis whilst doing it.

    and return it to center.

    2. Then I press the right hand arrows and the message changes to aileron left in red, I move the stick to the left limit, return it to center and press right hand arrows and to move , and on to complete.

    What happens is the ONLY axis to receive gyro instruction is the elevator. The rudder twitched a bit and said it was DONE biu when the gyro action was tested it never moves. Elevator and rudder move in the normal way but show no gyro which is set to 200 on the gain control knob


    Richard thank you for your persistence with this.

    Yes this is very valid point so this morning I did this.

    Removed new gyro from mounting position and re booted and found it via the pioneer menu.

    Started the activation process and move up worked fine but no further response for rudder when moving left. Did this three times with same result.

    Removed another gyro unit from another model ( I have five ) and replaced the original unit having re booted and refound this gyro through Pioneer menu.

    Same result would not go past the elevator to rudder initialisation.

    When the gyro setup program was terminated I moved the gyro in all directions and it only registered on the elevate whatever the angle of the gyro unit. No gyro control on rudder. Wings were not fitted throughout this stage as I assume this comes with stick controller/ part of program.

    To my simple brain I feel I need to try this against a second Pioneer but I need to discuss that with you and D/W



    I have assigned channels to the surfaces in input mapping and there is no GPS connected.

    Its a large Crafters Cub 1/3scale and the gyro is to even out small Dutch roll effects and the elevator especially. It will fly well without the gyro but this just polished the feel. Thats why no GPS unlike a jet that covers ground at speed.

    So there must be a reason for all of this but not just now, I am sure it will evolve



    Revised settings to obtain teaching

    elev rt -66 17 79

    elv lt 83 0 140

    ail lt -66 -12 77

    ail rt 62 -6 66

    rud -70 -3 65

    Okay if we accept the surfaces of the elevator move not in unison but return with a snap to the neutral position one is not quite neutral and when programming the rudder it does not move at all but the screen shows DONE on both. WE should expect the surfaces to respond to a gain of 200 or at least twitch, they do nothing the gyro is dead on all surfaces.


    P.S Richard I dont know how you remain sain given this is just one of >>> questions and problems to respond to that cannot remain without a resolution...RESPECT !


    So far nearly okay BUT now I can access the Pioneer and also the gyro setup however when I start with the set up "Move up" both elevators still move in opposition, one up one down.

    They do snap back to neutral as usual.

    Then "Move right"...sadly no movement at all from the rudder absolutely static put powered up in its current position.

    Sorry I thought we were there with the update. here are the settings I have made to get the system to be recognized by the gyro.

    elev rt 166 17 79 elev left -33 0 49

    ail lt -46 -12 77 ail rt -62 16 66

    rudder -70 -3 65

    Sorry, I thought we were there with the update. here are the increased settings I have made to get the system to be recognized by the gyro. No go



    There may be good news here. I noticed that there was no output to rx symbols on the tx screen and was unaware you had to REBIND the rx after update.

    After doing this the Pioneer is recognized on the system and it shows gyro setting available. I will reset all of this later but for now please dont spend time on this until I report back

    So maybe update might have been the problem



    I have updated the Pioneer on terminal from 9 to 10 just now.

    I have repeated the procedures above and the same conditions remain. Not seen on widget or re scan devices menu




    I will remove the Pioneer from the large model and get it into a terminal update mode and then will tell you which software it is later today.

    My domestic wi fi is being fixed so there are limitations on where this can happen


    Richard, My original part of my post was because the scanning process showed nothing on every occasion.

    The circle turns and is empty. I enter the pioneer details you see above via the widget system.

    There is no response at all to a scan or rescan. I can go to the gyro via the rx but we know that is not the way to do it



    In the above state of RX1 connected to the Pioneer with a battery via V3 switch I cannot access the data of the RX1 in the normal way of double click/tap the RX icon in RX menu. It refuses to connect


    Powered Pioneer with just RX1 and this is what I got.

    No sign of the Pioneer on the system screen

    Menu depleted as you can see on the widget and therefore I am not sure how I can see the software version of the Pioneer.

    It was bought 3 days ago from D/W


    My apologies if I have done wrong here but I am just trying to confirm what is wrong. "Are you serious you connected the Pioneer/receiver to P²BUS?"

    The two rx as you say emit P2BUS by default and I have not sought to change it and cannot anyway.

    I have managed to find the PIONEER now there are issues with the gyro setup. I have talked to D/W and increased the throw shown on AIL..ELV..RUD to above 65. I understand there may be a "Not recognized" issue at lower settings.

    This has not solved the fact that when trying to do the first stage "Move up elevator" the elevators move in opposite directions then return to neutral quickly as they should. The "Move to the right " command has NO effect at all. I also believe some of my other settings like lights and ignition have a fault of no function as well.

    Any ideas are welcome please