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  • Good morning my name is Dennis

    I have bought a powerbox systems Mercury SRS with the GPS sensor
    We have installed this in the aircraft we went up using DMX to put that in put the battery voltage we are using life batteries put in the servo rates and bound the system at this time we went to the setup assist it comes up and says to chill tail up or down the bars girl crossed and nothing else happens we have it doesn't do anything it goes right back to set up assist screen it will not go to tail lift or right and have no control of the control surfaces if we move further into the program we can get it to where we've got controls of the ailerons elevator and Rudder and throttle and then we going to the gyro part we lift the right-wing up the L around comes up Let the left-wing up to El Ron comes up and so on for the rudder and the elevator but it will not do the first part of the setup it took a sign to 3 position switch and a slider on the radio so this is volume 1 what do I need to do to fix this issue thank you very much hope to hear from you soon