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  • Richard
    I have the I gyro 3e set up with a slider switch on my radio. When I slide the switch 100% in one direction it goes green and when I slide in the opposite direction 100% it stays green will not change to red!
    Can you please advise

  • Hello Richard
    I have a Gemini 2 purchased at JetPower ( I have used a number of Gemini over the years)
    My problem; I programmed as per instructions for a 2 cell Lilion battery, I hold the set button LEDs go orange, then out, and then green, I release the button it beeps once and followe by 2 double beeps?????? I have tried it many times but the same result.
    Can you please advise

  • I have the Micromatch and connected all as per the instructions with the PB Bluetooth. On the menu on my iPhone the Micromatch is not listed, I went in to up date but it said no device connected. Can you please advise

  • Thanks for your reply
    I switched batteries no change, one screen gives volts mah etc, the other screen 00 volts no mah. When I use the mag switch it will only once will not beep for second battery?