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  • Hello ! I got your program up and running. I used an Arduino UNO.
    I still have an Arduino Micro at home ... there I do not get it to run ... do you have an idea what it may be? at the uno I used the PIN12.

    • My Micro works fine at pin 3. The pin must have a interrupt i think.

    • Oh ..i will test it !

    • Hy .. so on the Uno every pin 3 or 12 works. But I have found another problem. The telemetry data freezes. if I disconnect the line to the powerbox nothing happens. the data simply remain unchanged. where can be the mistake? as a diode I used a Z diode.

    • That is normal. The powerbox does not update the values so the Arduino keeps sending the old values.

  • Hi,

    You wrote, that it is possible to make telemetrie between Powerbox competition srs and Frsky RX8R. I visited the link but i cant get any further. So, how do i go on ?



    • Hi Eberhard,

      Have a look at the start of the github project also: https://github.com/RealTadango/FrSky

      Do you have experience with Arduino? It is very easy. Setting up the IDE and loading the code (sketch) to the Arduino is not complicated at all. There are many tutorials for that.

    • hello sorry! have the answer only now read!

      I saw your scripts! Nice thing !

      ask .. is there a Lua for the Horus x12 for that? or how is the telemetry integrated?

    • Hi Max. The Powerbox sensor provides normal SPort telemetry sensors for all available data. You can use them like any other sensor.

    • Perfekt !! Thank you

    • HY I wanted to try downloading the scatch and writing it to adruino today ... unfortunately I get a lot of error messages like stray '\ 302' in program or stray '\ 342' in program..what am I doing wrong?