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  • I am having some bother setting up a power cut switch i.e. I have the switch set up SW-N for "Motrr Cut" and "Motor Active" with voice warnings however when I power up the model with the switch in the Off position the motor is not active as it should be when I switch to Active the electric motor is active and responds but when I switch back to Motor Cut the electric motor fires up and starts running , it is not obeying the cut. I am missing something but at the moment I can't see what

    I am of course using the servo cut menu and then the voice command. I hope I have explained myself clearly.

  • Setting up flaps core

  • Core radio....What are the procedures for connecting two 9 channel RXs PowerBox
    and where do the channels show up on the Core TX . Using a Mercury SRS Gyro

    I am marked up as a beginner but I started in the year 1947 . Radio one on and off
    connected to a rubber escapement ED valve radio. Just thought I should mention it!

  • Good Day,
    I have some PowerBox giros. However I would appreciate any advice on the setting up of the plug leads for the following:-
    iGiro SRS to PBusPB2-26D to PBR-8E I dare say I can fiddle about swapping around patch leads but I thought someone out there could advise me I was looking for an old fashioned
    diagram showing the different ports . I am eighty three so my brain is somewhat retro wired!
    Donald. Marriott
    ( not very united at the moment thanks to Brexit)

  • Setting up a switch to operate an ignition switch

  • I have been using PowerBox systems now for three years and have found them one of the easier systems to set up. The Giro 3e and associated items such as Switches and other sundry items including the Batteries. I would mention that it looks good when installed and the quality is strong and neat so much so that I have placed an order for the Core Transmitter which I understand will be available in September. I am fitting a Mercury SRS into a Hanger Nine Spitfire which I hope will be as easy to program as the other two Giros I have. To repeat myself I
    think the quality shows in the casing and even the literature and boxing reflects this. I am looking forward to the next generation when one can just speak the programming instructions
    I am now eighty two so I hope it will be sooner rather than later!!. Another wish is that we Exit Brexit and the Sterling currency gets back to at least where it was and makes the items lower cost to buy. I cant find anyone of our friends who voted out now and the ones who we know voted out are keeping quite now. its , it would be laughable if it were not so serious. Vive la Europe.
    Donald Marriott Peterborough. Europe. Earth