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    blue com but nothing closes the application as soon as i start quik update and a new mercury pcb as i said bought at jet power there is no other procedure it was already v9 i mproved as well on my other pcb and they adjusted to v10 without any problem only problem that sometimes you have to insist because the blue com does not connect but the others are successful I wait for your info because now I am without a pcb and I cannot test my new model I look forward to it thanks in advance

  • hello sorry i bought a mercury pcb at jet power this year and last night in updating from 09 to v10 it got stuck at 3% and the black and blue displai remained and it doesn't make me do any recovery procedure can you help me or I have to postpone my new pcb I have 3 more but at this point I'm afraid to update them if you can help me on this I hope it can solve this and new as I told you just installed it bought this year at the jet power