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  • Spark switch Pro is not working properly with DA150 it keeps misfiring really do not know what to do it works before I start the engine then when the engine is stated the red led goes on and off and the engine misfires I have tried everything sparkswitch pro near ignition different leads different battery use Life 6.6 unplugged cht sensor unplugged pbs-rpm sensor I thought when I rerouted the cht lead it improved but it kept misfires again even with sensors unplugged please can someone help me fed up with this Maybe won’t use it can someone help

  • Sparkswitch pro keeps turning the ignition off and on sometimes checked everything could it be interference. Only have one blue tele input from p2bus to sparkswitch maybe I need channel 12 from power box Mercury to red rx socket of sparkswitch pro

  • PBS-RPM sensor installed on a DA-150 near plug end on the core what do I set for factor 1 2 or 0.5. It’s two bladed prop the rpm fluctuates not really stable jumps around a little